Anusara Documentary Film Released – The Heart of Transformation

Via Ryan Nadlonek
on Jun 15, 2011
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John Friend‘s Anusara Yoga has been quickly building community since its 1997 inception. Now at over 250 certified teachers and 750 licensed Anusara-inspired teachers, Anusara is a major force in the spread of yoga through America. The spreading of this young style is a testament to its emphasis on community and the effectiveness of John Friend‘s blend of alignment principles and tantric philosophy.

The Anusara school has recently released a documentary film, narrated by Minnie Driver and directed by Saraswati and Kate Clere, that highlights the history of John Friend’s yoga journey and the creation of the Anusara style, outlines the basic principles of Anusara yoga, and gives testimonies from many of the school’s influential teachers and students.

Watching the film left me with the impression of Anusara’s dedication to community and loving support, keyed me into the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of Anusara’s alignment principles, and the testimonials included inspiring examples of yoga in real-life application. The film includes a beautiful cast of dedicated yoga practitioners and John Friend’s enthusiasm is clearly portrayed.

Movie premier parties have been held in San Fransisco and recently in Santa Monica and have included yoga classes with live music as a part of the event. The San Fransisco event included a kirtan performance by Suzanne Sterling and the Santa Monica event featured the music of Dave Stringer. Knowing Anusara’s affinity for community and celebration, it is safe to assume that these gatherings are filled with radiant smiles and warm greetings.

If you would like to purchase the DVD or host a screening, you can find more information at The Heart of Transformation‘s website.

The next Screening with be at the Wanderlust Festival in Squaw Valley – July 30 8.30pm.


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  1. tanya lee markul says:

    Thank you for sharing! The transformation that takes place isn't only individual – it also transcends with the energy we give off in and to the world that impacts everyone and everything around us.

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  3. Raymundo says:

    I'm waiting for the director's NC-17 cut featuring Friend's numerous liaisons with his single and married students. I just hope they cut him out of most of the scenes.