Biker protests by crashing his bike

Via Roger Wolsey
on Jun 11, 2011
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Protesting a ticket, man deliberately crashes his bike into objects blocking bike lanes.

After receiving a ticket for straying from the bike lane, a New York biker filmed a protest video montage of himself crashing into objects while remaining lawfully in the bike lane. Some of the crashes appear to be fairly painful.

The biker, Casey Neistat, who films documentaries for an HBO show, released the video on YouTube. It received about 150,000 hits in two days.

“Dear [N]ew [Y]ork [C]ity, ticket the people blocking the bike lanes, not bikers,” he concluded. “[A]nd give me my $50 back.”

Watch the 3 minute clip, via New York Magazine.

… “Extreme Civil Disobedience”?   whatever it is… I like it. : )


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4 Responses to “Biker protests by crashing his bike”

  1. Roger Wolsey says:

    on a related note, this has been making the rounds on Facebook:

    Drivers: PLEASE share the road with bikes & motorcycles! Look TWICE before switching lanes, making turns or pulling out of a driveway. Stay in your lane especially when turning and going around corners. Don't FOLLOW too closely, bikes/cycles can stop faster than cars can. Keep your eyes on the road and off your cell phone. When you park look before you open your door. motorcyclists and bikers everywhere thank you.

  2. Roger Wolsey says:

    Oh, and, and to be fair, ***BICYCLISTS*** Please use lights on your bike if you bike at night, and please use hand signals when turning and don't ride through stop signs and red lights! (if you get hit because you do, it'd largely be your fault)

  3. Love this – thanks Roger (and Casey)!

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