CHELA’S TACOS: The best tacos in San Antonio, TX: Readers Choice Award 2011

Via Yesica Pineda
on Jun 18, 2011
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Once upon a time there was a man
a man who knew nothing more than what trees and rivers do know
that life is vibrant everywhere always
and that love and compassion is needed for all

He knew that is change what we can rely on
and all we can do to be happy is to do what we know is our job
to help everybody be happy
to help everybody be love

This man had ups, downs and in betweens
like everyone else in the kingdom of life
many the stories were told about him
and him was connected to many more lives

One day he found himself on top of highest the mountain
he had succeed in the game of the world
when a storm came he got lost in the thunder
and in this moment the blessing of silence he got

For a brief moment he saw himself clearly
clearly as all the good people he loved
because his deeds had been always to benefit others
a beautiful blessing realizing he saw.

Cleared the storm he looked up to that mountain
cleared the sky he looked up to the sun
smiling as always he got back to his service
thankful to be just that man who knew no more than what trees and rivers do know

Thank you Marty Davis!!!!! THOSE WHO EAT YOUR FAMILY TACOS DO GET ENLIGHTENED!!!!!  CHELA’S TACOS: The BEST tacos in San Antonio, TX!!!!

Located UTEX and UTSA. Serve the best tacos in San Antonio. They’re open from 8am to 2:30pm. They prepare togo, deliver and cater!  check them out!




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  1. marty davis says:

    Thank you thank you thank you my wonderful yessi baby!!!