Electric Forest: Dance Parties Help Our Planet. ~ David Telfer McConaghay

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on Jun 20, 2011
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A trusted source has disclosed to me a startling truth:

In order to discourage the unnecessary use and subsequent disposal of plastic bottles, the fantastic folks who’ve organized the upcoming Electric Forest Festival — to be held at the Double JJ Ranch Resort, near Rothbury, Michigan, June 30 through July 3 — have arranged for there to be free water refill stations strategically positioned throughout the grounds.

We’re talking free water here folks!

Gush by Editor B, on FlickrHave you ever attended an event that requires participants to dance outdoors under the summer sun that did not also require them to pay many cash dollars for a measly little bottle of water?

Have you ever heard of a production team sacrificing extractable cash in the name of lessening the environmental impact of an event?

You’re telling me I can carry my CamelBak and for once put proper use to it? What next, compost bins in the campgrounds? Hah haha…

O wait, really? They’re collecting compost, too? In addition to providing recycle bins, really? Well shucks, if they’re going to make it that easy to be eco-friendly, I suppose I won’t go out of my way to litter — this time

But come on, honestly, this is a music and arts festival isn’t it? We’re here to hippie-dance, eat LSD & MDMA then tent-hop having carnal, patchouli-scented, unprotected relations with every sexy dread-headed body we so clearly share profound sexual karma with, aren’t we?

I mean, I’m all for saving the planet and feeding the hungry, but there’s a time and place for that, isn’t there?

There is — and the time is now.

Conscious Alliance will be hosting an “Art That Feeds” food drive at the festival, providing a limited edition 3-d poster to every attendee who donates 20 non-perishable food items (please note: Ramen Noodles will not be accepted for the poster; organic, health-conscious foods are encouraged). These contributions will be distributed to local Michigan food pantries.

Poster Art by Jeff Wood

Well fine, I’ll help, as long as I get a sweet poster out of it…


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