June 8, 2011

Getting Your Boulder Yoga On

Boulder boasts energy of myriad varieties.  The University of Colorado attracts world-class students to study energy under the scope of scientific frameworks outlined by Newton and Einstein. The alternative energy sector booms with solar, wind and yet to be discovered solutions to our limited supply of natural resources. And then there are the hippies on Pearl who just believe in the power of energy, whatever that means to them.

Strains of energy run wild in this city, notably creativity and innovation. Maybe the Flatirons are secretly cultivating positive energy within their depths and blasting the city with good vibes each time an eye sets its sights on the majestically serene peaks. Or maybe Boulder just attracts a certain kind of person.

CBS News came to Boulder and discovered the happy energy that courses through the veins of Boulderites, proclaiming the city the “happiest city in the United States.” We spend our time stoking the fires of happiness with outdoor activity, culinary adventures, and pursuing a better life for ourselves and for others. Sounds a bit like the American dream, but maybe with a little extra rainbow flair.

There are a lot of thought-leaders in Boulder. No matter what they have thoughts about, they sure like to share them. And sometimes people listen. It’s this open-door policy that spawns collaboration, be it in biotechnology, Internet start-ups or yoga studios.

And so why not have a yoga festival in Boulder, Colorado? There is already a strong community of yogis who ache for more knowledge and spiritual soothing right in Boulder’s backyard. Admittedly, the city hides in a bit of a bubble – okay, a very large bubble. Hanuman Festival aims to burst that bubble and open up the city for you to share your ideas and knowledge. Hanuman Festival wants you to collaborate, innovate.

So come join us and experience the collective energies that pulse in the Boulder air. See what happens when they combine. We want to see the myriad energies spill forth into the frontier. Because maybe the new frontier isn’t about land, but the space we inhabit, the space right around us. The space that we can create for new ideas, new friends and new solutions to old problems.

Join us for a spiritual rejuvenation in a place that boasts beauty, both physically and emotionally. Join us in your own search for inner happiness and peace.  I don’t believe in perfect, but Boulder is the right place for a yoga festival. We like to think that the world would be a better place if everyone had the chance to work hard and still achieve balance of mind, body and spirit.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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