June 18, 2011

Love that Breathes in the Air: Offering their Music in Service of the World.

“The real musician is the one who helps humanity raise the vibration of awareness through the healing power of tone”

SOMETHING UNDERGROUND Josh,  Seth and Trevor’s success is a living proof of such dedication. Now lets understand what success is with a simple questionaire:

Are you happy? ________

Are you making others happy? _________________

In our present world, success is often confused with popularity. Some people will do anything to be famous, as much as some people would do anything to rule. Nothing wrong to it…for those who are in the journey of fame and power. But for those who are in the journey of spiritual growth, success only measure is your state of mind.

SOMETHING UNDERGROUND performances are known for the love that breathes in the air. Their fans and friends who gather not only join to listen to their unique musical style, but also to fill their spirits and hearts with joy and hope for humanity within the sense of community friendship. In their music you will notice the evolution of their understanding of this journey we call life, this journey we call being human. Josh and Seth Larson relate to all of us through their humble effort to become whole as men, persevering in their observation of the self so to enhance their compassion for what is, offering their music in service of the world.

To see things as they are is the core of meditation practice, but to release control is the ultimate challenge of the spiritual warrior; and spiritual warriors is what I would call Trevor, Seth and Josh who constantly surrender to Dhamma, trusting that their future life depends on their present actions, actions who have been committed day and night to deliver music in beautiful harmony with the Universe.

You can enjoy them in this video: Something Underground Video




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Read 5 comments and reply

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