Morgan Freeman doesn’t like Black History Month.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 28, 2011
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The video title, Morgan Freeman, a brilliant man making a brilliant point, solves the Race Problem, says it all:

That said, I love the honoring of various traditions. Call me by my name, know me as a human being, but if we as a mass culture choose to honor the many streams within our river, our culture is the richer for it. So, I guess I love his point, but disagree. (And if you say, who cares if you disagree, I’m with Morgan Freeman, what do you know Waylon, you’re white…well you’re disagreeing with both Mr. Freeman and myself). ~ ed.


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5 Responses to “Morgan Freeman doesn’t like Black History Month.”

  1. Nadine says:

    Waylon, I’m with Morgan on this one — and am sure by being so I will perhaps piss off a few people with whom I share ethnicity. For me, the issue isn’t so much to do with the labeling, but more so, how one then becomes defined by and limited as a result of this labeling. By virtue of being Jamaican, one immediately conjures up an image that while it may be accurate, it is largely incomplete. Our motto states, ‘Out of Many One People,’ the reason being that Jamaica is made up of people of African, Chinese, Indian, Jewish, Syrian and Lebanese anscetry. We are Jamaican FIRST. This said, intellectually, I can understand the ‘reasoning’ behind earmarking a month to celebrate one’s diverse heritage. I suspect that the intention behind highlighting and celebrating a Black History Month is to give one the opportunity to pause and examine what this truly means. However what happens when the month of February ends? We need to celebrate who we are being each and every day of our time on this planet earth. We do continue to perpetuate exclusion and racialism when we start with such distinctions. But alas, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Along similar but different lines, I came across something the other day where the UN had marked a particular day as International Widows Day, to acknowledge those women who had been persecuted as a result of having lost their husbands. While this is absolutely relevant and applicable in some cultures, it isn’t in others. Irrespective of demographics, we are all human beings first and it is this that needs to be acknowledged and celebrated so as to create harmony and unity, the unity that the name United States of America is meant to evoke. Bless, Universal Empress!

  2. thefilmmaven says:

    I agree with Mr. Freeman – to an extent. There should be no need for a Black History month – if history were integrated, lets say in school curriculum for example, we would teach about Malcolm X and Dr. King as American heroes. We would teach in science class about Eli Whitney and Benjamin Benneker, we would use Madam CJ Walker as an example in business class. But we don't. Many contributors to the building of America (We won't even cover realistic portrayals of world figures) are not included in our lessons. Effectively alter our curriculum across the board to integrate all the lessons from black history month into the day to day lesson plan. Then and only then will we have no need for black history month.

  3. Jay says:

    Ultimately, ALL identity is a trap. Now, in the global culture at large, most everyone is firmly identified with some sort of distinguishing socio-cultural identity, yogi, buddhist, punk, Jewish, Palestinian, Islamist, and on and on. It's all good as far as it goes, but racial, socio-cultural identity is nothing more than a continuation of tribalism. Inhabiting the fullness of our humanity necessarily means transcending a rigid identification with the surface characteristics of race, gender, nationality, and discovering the transcendent nature of our deeper SELF. This is why we practice…

  4. Amador says:

    Very clever, Mr. Freeman, when He asks, do you want a jewish heritage month? See Wallace face he got offended, the same way Freeman got offended as well for black month rubbish. Black history is US history, period. No need for a month based on white guilt and segregation. Integration, unity is what US needs.

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