Sorry Waylon, this is the Best Wedding Proposal Ever! ~ Alden Wicker

Via Alden Wicker
on Jun 12, 2011
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"There she is, the girl I'm going to marry."

elephant’s editor, Waylon, just posted something condescending about something called “The Best Wedding Proposal ever.” I think we can do better.

Get your tissues out y’all, you’re about to ball your eyes out.

(Or if you are like my boyfriend, who was in the room when I watched this, perhaps stare at your girlfriend with bewilderment while she starts bawling.)

New copy:


About Alden Wicker

Alden Wicker is a freelance journalist and founder of, a blog about all things sustainable in New York City and beyond. She also writes about electronic music, personal finance, and yoga for publications such as Well + Good, Refinery29, LearnVest, Huffington Post and Narratively.


9 Responses to “Sorry Waylon, this is the Best Wedding Proposal Ever! ~ Alden Wicker”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    Ohhhhhhh I agree. I agree so much, in fact, that I blogged that up three weeks ago:

  2. Yep. Crying for the 2nd time today.

  3. Alden says:

    Ha, I KNEW it. You're always on top of this stuff Ele!

  4. guest says:

    Not so much

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