June 20, 2011

Top 10 Elephant Yoga Blogs of the Week.

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Top 10 Yoga Blogs of the Week

What Do Music, Bacteria, and You All Have in Common?

by Satkirin Khalsa

Hanuman: Waylon Lewis gets Molested by Seane Corn & Loses a Cartwheel Contest.

by Jessica Durivage

Yoga Addict Meets the Rolling Stones.

by Chelsea Roff (Yoga Modern)

Crack Smokin’ Yoga Teachers.

by Candice Garrett

Hot Yoga Will Make Your Sex Life Hotter.

by Kelli Harrington

What’s Too Woo? A New Take on New Age Flakiness.

by Carol Horton

If I Wanted Religion, I Wouldn’t be a Yogi! Why I Can’t Teach Patanjali as Gospel Truth.

by Julian Walker

Successful, ethical yoga studio owners versus crackpots.

by Joslyn Hamilton (Recovering Yogi)

‘The Emptiness’ & the Feeling of Emptiness (Two very Different Things)

by Ben Ralston

Nookie with a Wookiee: Crushing on Chewbacca, One Badass Bhakta

by Diane Ferraro

Previous Week Top 10 ~ June 11

My Love-affair With Tantra (And It’s not Just About Sex)

by Ramesh Bjonnes

Poems of Awakening…Kind of a Book Review

by Jay Winston

Dharma Brat, Zen Archery and Flower Arranging. How a Buddhist who Hates Yoga Became the Ambassador for the Hanuman Festival

by Jessica Durivage

Interview with San Quentin Yoga teacher: Video and class photos.

by Anneke Lucas

10 Obstacles to Sane Spirituality…

by Julian Walker

The Summer of Love: Picasso’s Monumental Gift to the People of Chicago.

by Sunita Pillay

The Words That Break Your Body.

by Chelsea Roff (Yoga Modern)

Post-Catholic Yogi

by yoga 2.0 lab

How To Be A Tantric Paradox

by Bernadette Birney

Fun with chakras!

by Michelle Fajkus

Two Weeks Ago Top 10 ~ June 4

Not to sound like a b*tch, but your yoga class was totally lame.

by Joslyn Hamilton (Recovering Yogi)

Meditation Is Not What You Think.

by Ed & Deb Shapiro

Why Lying Broken in a Pile on Your Bedroom Floor is a Good Idea. ~ Julie (JC) Peters

by elephantjournal.com

Why Teaching Yoga is Better Than Bartending.

by Bernadette Birney

Suicidal Education. How Thinking on Death Might Help.

by Brooks Hall

27 tweets on the Lakshmi Bikini.

by yoga 2.0 lab

Yoga & Gym: a non-duality practice.

by Tobye Hillier

Trying To Breathe When All I Want To Do Is Scream.

by Jennifer Fields

Before Buddha became a Buddha, he was a Yogi.

by Ramesh Bjonnes

Yoga Teachers, Here’s What Your Students Really Want.

by Tamara Kerner

Three Weeks Ago Top 10 ~ May 28

You’re Broke, Housebound Or Out In The Boonies? There’s Yoga For You Too.

by Sophie Legrand

Fierce Medicine: Ana Forrest Wants You to Clear the Stuck Stuff with Forrest Yoga

by Sara Gottfried, MD

Oh So Content Except For the Get

by Hilary Lindsay

The Beautiful Babe & the Fierce Guru.

by Carol Horton

Wu Wei all the Way.

by Sunita Pillay

What it means to be a Recovering Yogi.

by Joslyn Hamilton (Recovering Yogi)

The Birth of Yoga Community Toronto

by yoga 2.0 lab

The Yoga of Tantric Love: 7 Reasons why it’s not just about Sex.

by Ramesh Bjonnes

21 Things To Know Before Starting Ashtanga Yoga. {Free Book}

by Claudia Azula Altucher

The Dance of Divine Love: An Interview with Catherine Ghosh.

by Bob Weisenberg

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