Video: All 51 Miss USA delegates answer “should evolution be taught in schools?”

Via elephant journal
on Jun 22, 2011
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You should be knowledged about it, you know.

Uh, wow. Both sides of the story: fact and fiction!

From Daily What, favorited comment:

alabama – no
alaska – yes
arizona – yes w/exceptions
arkansas – stupid
california – yes
colorado – what? stupid girl
conneticut – yes, super hot
delaware – yes but it should be a choice, whatever
DC – yes
florida – yes but she is confused
georgia – yes w/exceptions
hawaii – yes
idaho – it should be mentioned, but she wants to say no
illinois – yes
indiana – she doesnt know, idiots are from indiana, sorry hoosier ham
iowa – if it is available, as an elective. schools in iowa are medieval i quess
kansas – yes
kentucky – no, kentucky just took the idiot crown from indiana
louisiana – she thinks so, duck face
maine – yes
maryland – yes, but teach everything, even spaghetti monster, the only true theory
massachusettettetttetts – yes, i love her, very intelligent sounding
michigan – yes, dont be ignorant
minnesota – yes, evolution is catholic after all
mississippi – yes as long as its not taught as fact, and presented as a comic book
missouri – question is too tough for her
montana – presented, but not taught 😀
nebraska – yes as long as creation is part of it
nevada – yes, yes, oh yessssss
new hampshire – still a state, took her a minute to answer, yes i think
new jersey – yes, but who cares about new jersey
new mexico – yes, of course, birthplace of the atomic age!
new york – yes, smart people are from new york, she’s smoking
north carolina – yes, and she was the most intelligent of all the obvious creationist
north dakota – sure why not
ohio – sure why not, she copied nd
oklahoma – yes
oregon – yes, with exceptions
pennsylvania – yes, used the word ‘philosophies’ as well
rhode island – yes
south carolina – yes
south dakota – yes
tennessee – yes, not quite a 10 tho
texas – yes, but i’m seeing a pattern, either a lot of them were never taught, or they partied too hard in HS
utah – yes, but… you know
vermont – yes, go science! Even provided evidence, she’s a genius
virginia – bits and pieces
washington – science is great, but… no
west virginia – evolution + religion, since they go so well together
wisconsin – yes
wyoming – yes i think?


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19 Responses to “Video: All 51 Miss USA delegates answer “should evolution be taught in schools?””

  1. Amy says:

    They all sound like future Senators

  2. liz says:

    "we're smarter than ever these days." – Ms. Georgia

  3. Pete says:

    This is shocking. Is this really a debate in the U.S.? Is it really that bad down there? I haven't anything to say to someone who doesn't believe in evolution. What can you possibly say?

  4. iloveginger says:

    "leave it up to the government to decide"!!!! is this for real?? Ok smarty ele people, how is science a belief exactly?

  5. yogijulian says:

    a classic example of the problem with education in america – it is so common for the question of scientific facts to be morphed into a question of "beliefs" – and from there into the canard about families and values and the bizarre notion that children should be able to "make up their own minds…"

  6. yogijulian says:

    also the MADDENING ubiquity of misunderstanding what the term "theory" means in a scientific context… aaaarrrggg. 🙂

  7. Emma Blue says:

    The last time I checked with my physics professor, EVOLUTION IS STILL A THEORY! Any authentic scientist will tell you this. Not 100% of the nuts and bolts are there.

    Do I think evolution should be taught? HELL No, how about teaching people to have loving committed relationships and work through discomfort, agriculture, languages etc..

    PS I find Waylon's comments offensive.

  8. Ahem, Editor – This is the Miss USA contest, not Miss America…

    That aside, this is a beauty contest…. does it really matter what these women think? How many schoolkids will their opinions actually affect?

  9. yogijulian says:


    1) you may be misunderstanding (as does every one of the contestants above) the meaning of the word "theory" in science:
    in science, a "theory" is actually a term reserved for an explanatory system that has been very well evidenced. it means something very strong and established. see here for clarification:

    2) i see absolutely no reason why one cannot learn good biological facts as well as relationship skills and psychological awareness. in fact – understanding the biological basis for our behavior and feelings is very helpful in terms of learning empathy and communication.

    3) which comments in particular did you find offensive?

    if you are referring to the string of characterizations of the very bad contestant responses – i don't think waylon wrote those himself, nor do i think they are offensive at all!

  10. hipdiva says:

    P.S. I find Waylon's comments offensive as well. I love elephant and I love you, Waylon (from what I know of you 🙂 ), but most of these women have solid, thoughtful comments. Just because society sees them as beautiful and they are participating in the Miss America contest does not mean they are idiots to be rated on a 1-10 scale according to their physical characteristics. I think we should remember that everything is a theory. We don't know so many things, and that is what is mysterious and beautiful about our universe and beyond.

  11. René Cousineau says:

    No, Waylon did not write those comments. He would never call a woman a "ham."

  12. David says:

    Oh, Emma. I think you meant to say “Last time I checked with my physics professor, RELATIVITY IS STILL A THEORY!” Of course, if you were actually talking to your physics professor about evolution, s/he would have explained the difference between scientific theory and the theory of elves turning the light off and on when you open the refrigerator door.

  13. Nicole says:

    The theory of gravity.

    Just a theory?

    God is making me stay on the ground instead of floating around weightless.

    Thanks God, you are as mysterious as you are magnificent.

    I second this comment by yogijulian “1) you may be misunderstanding (as does every one of the contestants above) the meaning of the word “theory” in science:
    in science, a “theory” is actually a term reserved for an explanatory system that has been very well evidenced. it means something very strong and established. see here for clarification:…”

  14. Katelyn says:

    Um….this is Miss USA contestants, not Miss America. Shows how “enlightened” you are.

  15. Katelyn says:

    *these are

  16. Cyberxbx says:

    A, religion should be taught in religion school….. Evolution, (based in actual science) should be taught it schools (specifically science class)

    B, I like how nearly everyone said "let the kids decided on their own" do they realize this method doesn't work? How do you thing we got into this ridiculous situation (as a country) in the first place

    C, Vermont gets my vote!!!

  17. […] a follow to this. Which is, yah, real—which is, yah, unreal. […]

  18. guest says:

    wow that is depressing.

  19. cingenecafe says:

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