June 24, 2011

LOHAS Goes Jerry Springer. ~ Jolee McBreen

The Movement of Coalition Branding

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A panel of four, along with a short video, and one semi-Jerry Spring moment, made up the Movement of Coalition Branding presentation highlighting Ecobonus.com.

The video showcased consumers that were “just like us” looking for the right brands, for the right price, and that had the right recommendations.

Even though it bordered on a slightly embarrassing infomercial, the points they made, as consumers, were valid and relatable – though I thought at any moment one of the actors would start banging a tin can on the counter out of frustration with their can-opener, or battling with 20 pieces of tupperware flying from the kitchen cabinet.

One of the main problems that the panel pointed out, as well as the video, was that consumers can’t find the information they’re looking for, or flat out don’t know where to look.

This is where ecobonus.com comes in – launching soon – their website creates a hub of eco-friendly and environmentally sound businesses. The businesses are rated by users and scientists alike to give consumers the most accurate information.

One of the phrases I heard the most at LOHAS – word of mouth. This is one of the key ways to get your business, product, self, whatever, out in the open.

All of this was well and good. It sounded amazing and I would most likely log onto Ecobonus to check out what people were saying about certain businesses. However, my ears didn’t perk up until a business owner in the back raised their hand…

Calling out Good Guide immediately, you could hear the frustration in their voice when they asked why the company only catered to the big brands and not smaller owned businesses – a very valid question she backed with points as the audience applauded the individual.

As the tension in the room grew, resonating from the back right corner and spilling all over the stage, they continued to voice their frustration.

Good Guide speaker, Josh Dorfman, sympathized as well as he could but insisted that his company simply doesn’t have the man-power just yet.

This little spat went on for a good few minutes as I delighted in all the drama.

This furthered my respect and overall gratitude to be at such an event. Not only one that brings together like-minded people and business owners, but ones who will openly argue in front of you.

Without the disagreements you never find the agreements and LOHAS welcomes it all.


Jolee McBreen is a student at the Art Institute and whips up delicious coffee concoctions at a coffee shop in Denver. When she’s not avoiding homework or steaming milk she can be caught with her family, friends, snuggling her two adorable dogs, or dancing… pretty much anywhere.

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