July 29, 2011

2011 New Moon in Leo and Mercury Retrograde


“This New Moon is an invitation to make certain that the relationships and friendships we are in support positive transformation, personal breakthrough, and cathartic healing. We can expect a lot of potent triggers with our beloveds and with each person we meet these days, a messenger, an angel, a shamanic reflector. But we must also make sure to crush the shadow-projector seething within us.” Verdarluz

A new moon is always a beautiful reminder of new beginnings, pure starts, clean energy full of potential. Since ancient times we as humanity have looked up to the skies to find the answers, or better said, the questions that really are essential;  For no matter how confused our inner mind, how turbulent our inner chat or how chaotic our relationships the Universe presence is always trustworthy to witness us evolve in our attempt to become the star material we are made of.

Every day, the Sun rises and sets without doubting its own nature, the planets keep magnetizing the fields that connects them in a peaceful understanding of each other, with no questions of identity and without fear to exist. The cosmos lives and dies, dies and lives, in a harmonic dance of evolutionary creation from within while We, lucky We, get to be the center of this sacred light manifestation as we write our own history. I wonder why it is that we fail to trust this truth forgetting to relate with each other from a reflection of universal highest frequency values instead of self-destructive personal agendas?

Astrologer Verdarluz tells us that this new moon occurs at 11:40 pacific time, at 7 degrees Leo on Saturday July 30th.  It aspects all of the outer planets. The trine from Uranus has the potential to awaken our creativity, and its square to Jupiter in Taurus advices us that we must watch going to egocentric extremes or becoming too fixed in our opinions, self-righteousness, or hedonism.  Neptune in quincunx to the New Moon could leave us feeling confused, mystified, and drowning in all the impermanence swirling about us. Being a moon in Leo, our challenge is to surrender our attachment to our selfish desires and to practice the teachings of love and compassion in order to service each other for the benefit of all.

He advices us to practice the concept of Right Speech if we are to succeed against this Mercury retrograde at 1 degree Virgo back to 18 Leo, beginning August 2nd. Verdarluz tells us that our creativity, self-expression, playfulness, and primary child-like needs to be appreciated, heard, and honored will be highlighted. Mercury will  be backtracking until August 26th, so advices that all of you planning some summer travels should double check your desires, and make sure your self-worth is fully fed so that you may generously flaunt your gorgeous expressive heart for all to behold. With Mercury retrograde Techie difficulties happen, travel plans remind you that planning is not a guarantee that things will happen the way you want them, and communication fizzles, Verdarluz tells us to expect frustrations with tech gear and bring compassion to our interpersonal connections…very important to not forget right speech!

At least now we can’t say we didn’t have the opportunity 🙂 It is in the stars 😉



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Read 4 comments and reply

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