Before you consider voting for Ron Paul, read this list.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jul 30, 2011
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And the least “Scumbaggy” Republican choice for President in 2012 election is…

…Ron Paul. Actually, the least scumbaggy choice among the Republicans isn’t pictured: I’m with Huntsman.

PS: Guess the below convinces me: no more sharing of otherwise-awesome Ron Paul videos here on elephant.


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9 Responses to “Before you consider voting for Ron Paul, read this list.”

  1. True, but I think Ron Paul is really a Libertarian in a Republican disguise (because – you know – know one wants to "throw their vote away" voting for a third party candidate;) And I say that tongue firmly in cheek because it's been a rare election (ahem…the last one) that I voted for one of the two big parties…they've pretty much become like Coke & Pepsi – same b*llshit, different label.

  2. John Edwards says:

    All those "Scumbaggy's" listed are better by far than any democrat this jerk obviously supports including his commie president!! javascript: postComment(0 At least all of the people listed are AMERICANs and really give a damn about this country. Not one is a muslim or communists and all are CHRISTIANS –

  3. dan says:

    Huntsman not in it for the winning:
    “no drama, progress… this guy’s different”
    The music and voiceover evoke china propaganda videos, I’m pretty sure it’s intentional. Better than “winning the future” in my book though.

  4. Das Dude says:

    Gary Johnson: Not a scumbag.

  5. elephantjournal says:

    Eloquent. You convinced me.

  6. elephantjournal says:

    Beautifully put, but making it illegal doesn't stop it, or the sadness he talks about, which mothers share. It just makes it dangerous and unsupervised. ~ W.

  7. elephantjournal says:


  8. resourcetherapy says:

    I don't base my comments on scripture or anyone else s thoughts. My opinions are my own. I do say that women and men need to own their own bodies to own anything else at all. That is pure and simple logic.
    If the abortion debate is left up to the states, I agree that there will still be abortions but they won't be safe or legal in some places. History has taught us that much although I like to believe that a grown woman should have more rights than an unborn potential.
    What I have found more frightening lately is that some people in this country are being persecuted because a parasite has taken up residence in their bodies. Suddenly these people are granted no choice about how they conduct their lives.
    I myself believe that not only must each adult human being have the sanctity of their own life recognized and respected, but also not interfered with so long as they do nothing to harm another human being. Ron Paul comes closest to those ideals so he has my vote.
    As I look around this country the sad truth is that most people want someone else to take care of them, make decisions for them and thereby not take responsibility for their choices. They want a government to mother them and it is not the purpose of government-certainly not the US government as it was set up.
    The right to pursue happiness is very different from the right to happiness. Once a person has earned their happiness, there are no guarantees that it is theirs unless/until they continue to earn it.
    Freedom however, was considered a right so inherent in the life of an adult (male at that time) that little is even said about it in the Constitution. I think this country needs someone at the helm who in a much stricter interpreter of the Constitution.