Boulder Event: An Evening in Morocco with Slow Food Boulder & Peggy Markel

Via Peggy Markel
on Jul 26, 2011
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Come and join us around the fire for a presentation of local flavor renditions of traditional dishes as well as creative interpretations.

July 30, 5-8 pm
Cure Organic Farm: 7416 Valmont Rd., Boulder, near 75th

Morocco inspires visions of smoking tagines—those conical terracotta cooking vessels that slow-cook delectable meat and vegetables with spices, preserved lemon, and when called for, fresh and dried fruit.

Menu (Cure Farm veggies and locally sourced everything):

Tagine of Chicken, preserved lemon and fresh coriander
Tagine of Lamb with cinnamon and prune
Pepper Salad with argan oil and preserved lemon
Eggplant Caviar
Carrots with Cinnamon and ras al hanout
Fresh green salad straight from the farm
Grilled Peaches with Honey
Paired Wine

Learn from Slow Food Boulder founder Peggy Markel how to prepare these dishes, how to preserve lemons, along with the value and flavor of argan oil and what constitutes the ambiance and mystery of Moroccan atmosphere. Recipes go home with you, along with a summer night well celebrated!

Join us for music, fanfare and a beautiful time together.

$55/members; $65/non-members; proceeds help Slow Food BoCo programs
RSVP: [email protected] and mail a check made out to Slow Food Boulder to Carol Carlson, PO Box 525, Boulder, CO 80306. Reservation confirmed upon receipt of check.


About Peggy Markel

Since 1992, Peggy Markel has traversed the Mediterranean and North Africa, from Elban fishing villages and Moroccan markets to the homes of Tuscan artisans and chefs, furthering her own exploration of culture and cuisine. On these journeys, she saw an opportunity to design and direct her own brand of culinary tours in which enjoyment of the present place and moment plays a pivotal role. "When we speak of Slow Travel, we mean that particular experience of letting yourself merge with your surroundings: the pace, customs, mores and style of where you find yourself. It’s really about our willingness to let the world in, and see ourselves a part of it.” For more information about Peggy's trips and classes, check her web page. For more writing and recipes by Peggy, check her blog. Sign up for Peggy's monthly newsletter, to receive stories, videos, recipes and updates in your inbox. Join the PMCA community on facebook for photos and stories from the road.


2 Responses to “Boulder Event: An Evening in Morocco with Slow Food Boulder & Peggy Markel”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    So wonderful. Rich in its very simplicity. Simple, yet you can feel the interdependence. Loved the teaching, loved meeting everyone–and loved biking out there. We'll post a review when we get photos. Let's hear it for Slow Food Boulder! ~ Waylon

  2. Mario Kunze says:

    Though I know one Etsy seller who makes her own and does cast it in supercute Celtic knotwork moulds: One Hand Washes The Other. I’ve never tried that particular formula of hers, but have seen raves & like her other stuff a lot!