July 12, 2011

GQ: magazine names Boulder, Colorado “worst-dressed” city in the US.

…while featured a photo not taken in Boulder.

Thanks, Crocs.

Thanks a lot.

Boulder, Colorado—elephantjournal.com’s hometown—has won just about every award for a city or town in the book. Smartest. Best place to retire. Most bikeable. Happiest.

We were due for a smackdown. ~ ed.

Admittedly, Boulder’s strong on the…er, adventure look—you know, yoga pants during the day for the ladies, Patagonia and unshowered / unshaven for the boys (who, to give ’em props, earned Boulder “hottest guys in US” award a year ago). But, if Boulder is wearing crocs over its socks (good god please no), I’d argue that no one in Boulder wears those post-fad Republican-owned ugly ducklings anymore—it’s just cooks and kids and turistas, like the photo in the GQ spread.

GQ’s photo of Boulder? Them folk ain’t from ’round here. And that photo ain’t from here, either.

And if we have bad style, or at least average, mediocre, and we could use some more of that old-timey hipster creativity on the one hand and sharp-dressed pro look on the other—well at least we ain’t coating our faces in make up and throwing on forgettable Ross Dress for Less power suits made in sweatshops.

That said, Boulder, c’mon. Let’s uplift our style, shall we? At least try a little…not to be “cool,” but to be ourselves more creatively?

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Read 6 comments and reply

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