July 11, 2011

Highlights of Mountain Pose Yoga Fest?

Above: Honored to serve as Tiffany Cruikshank’s Vanna White (Sorry, gents: she’s married. To a 6 foot 4 former pro golfer).

Just added photos—Satkirin, the force behind Mountain Pose Yoga Festival, sent me a bunch of insta-classics. ~ ed.

Highlights of Mountain Pose Yoga Fest?

Being happy with silly yogis in serious all-American bar, trying/failing/trying more handstands,

taking class with Tiffany who’s world-class & stylee & laughs constantly & knows her shiite,

telling friend I didn’t care what she thought when she started dissin’ on Obama then apologizing/retracting,

posting as I have to do once an hour on FB outside in pouring rain at midnight on only weak wifi signal with laptop upside down so it didn’t get hit with too much rain and laughing aloud, alone, soaked, at how ridiculous my job is,



talking with Bob Weisenberg for hours,

being on radio show with Bob on top of climbing wall,

hanging with Jess’ man Carl (great photographer),

telling Satkirin’s ma she was beautiful & seeing her sweet beautfiul reaction,

re-meeting Rodney,

getting to know Romanelli,

talking with Copper lady,

meeting Mallory,

getting to know Nancy Kate,

running through more pouring rain with laptop, covering self & laptop w/half unfurled Manduka,

having best four days of elephant readership history in a row,

getting texted photo of Redford swimming after ball in Reservoir back in Boulder,

holding breath through 90% of Eisenhower tunnel (will get it next time),

seeing Rainbeau.

Top two?

Getting to know Tiffany,

Talking with Bob.

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