In the Beginning… There Was Bob. ((LIVE)) Radio w/ Waylon Lewis and Bob Weisenberg

Via Jessica Durivage
on Jul 6, 2011
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This Friday – the Where is My Guru Show will air live from Mountain Pose Festival at Copper Mountain where we will interview Elephant Journal’s founder, Waylon Lewis (haha! Other side of the mic there buddy!) and Bob Weisenberg, Yoga Editor for Elephant Journal.  They will be meeting for the first time in the flesh.  After hundreds (or maybe thousands…) of emails, facebook comments and re-tweets, two of the most influential individuals in Mindful Modern Media will come together to share their vision for Elephant and the world at large.  Leave your questions for them here and we will do our best to ask them.  Listen to the show LIVE from 9am-10am MST.

In the Beginning… There Was Bob

One of three images of Bob Weisenberg floating around on the internet. (not after this weekend!) Photo:

Well, to be accurate in the history of Elephant; in the beginning, there was Waylon (and after the world ends as we know it, Waylon and his dog Redford will still be there climbing up through the destruction, eager to lead the new revolution on bike).

But, if we are talking straight years here (sorry Bob….) – In the beginning, there was Bob.  I can remember when I first started reading Elephant online, there always seemed to be this person who beat me to every great article and left a comment… Bob Weisenberg.  Even to this day, the guy still beats me at replying to the emails I send to him. He is the real deal. ANYONE who plays the Flamenco guitar (in my book) has learned to strike some authentic cords within. (and btw – Bob will be showing off his Flamenco skills at Mountain Pose – check out the schedule for more amazing classes, teachers and more Bob!)

Bob and his 87 year-old dad gettin' their warrior on!

Bob goes from mindful viral commenter to blogger, to mentor, to Yoga Editor for Elephant Journal and becomes listed in the Top 25 of Most Influential “Yoga” people to follow on Twitter, according to  I mean, I told ya he was quick. The man can herd cats.

Waylon at Hanuman Festival with just a few of his friends...

Then we have Waylon – whom we all know and love.  The guy is pretty f’ing smart and he f’ing cares.  Period.  From print to to cyber mag – the man is kicking mindful ass and taking names.  Together, these two guys, egos aside, are shaping a new paradigm for media, and the cool thing is they have invited all of us along for the ride!

We want to hear from you!

Join us this Friday on Where is My Guru where both Bob and Waylon will share their passions, visions and the most challenging aspects of running one of the most successful sites of all time while in a long distance relationships. Give us a call! We want to hear from you!- or leave your questions and comments here: no holds barred.

Listen LIVE:

Call in: 877-500-ZEUS (9387)

Listen in: 917-388-4642


Elephant Journal is a proud sponsor of the Mountain Post Festival - July 7-10 at Copper Mountain


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Whether in a business suit, on a yoga mat or a meditation cushion, Jessica will follow her Dharma to the ends of the earth and work to bridge the gap with the world and the light that dwells within each being.  Grateful for the wealth of experiences, teachers and mentors who have guided her along her path as a yogi, a business woman, a non-profiteer and an improv comedian; she cultivates mindful, savvy and innovative approaches to make the world a better place each day and lead with compassion, from the heart (and trying not to take herself too seriously). / Jessica is the founder and owner of Where is My Guru - an ever evolving work of life that encompasses writing, art, community, leadership, consulting and a weekly radio show where you can find her contemplating Purusha, Prakriti, the Yoga Sutras and why all Yogis are crazy mo fo's. Check in with the Where is My Guru Blog and the radio show on Fridays at 11am EST -


19 Responses to “In the Beginning… There Was Bob. ((LIVE)) Radio w/ Waylon Lewis and Bob Weisenberg”

  1. Diane says:

    I think you already know how I feel about this 🙂

  2. tanya lee markul says:

    And, I feel the same! I LOVE it and this is so well deserved!

  3. elephantjournal says:

    Can our many amazing columnists and readers and scholars call in, somehow, or leave a comment under hashtag #elej on twitter and you'll read their question on air? We have some writers farrrr more knowledgeable in various areas than I, would be great to let them join in. ~ W.

  4. Colin Wiseman says:

    Reason number…ok I've lost count…to why I need to move to the US. I still haven't spoken to Bob either :-(. But I have both his albums…yes he has 2 albums in the world playing guitar. And both are fantastic.

  5. Satkirin says:

    Where's the "LOVE" button for Papa Bob gettin' his warrior on??

  6. tanya lee markul says:

    Love your work!!!

    Posting to Elephant Yoga on Facebook and Twitter.

    Tanya Lee Markul, Assoc. Yoga Editor
    Like Elephant Yoga on Facebook
    Follow on Twitter

  7. tanya lee markul says:

    Just posted to "Featured Today" on the Elephant Yoga homepage.

  8. Chelsea! Rock star woman! Will be so happy to see you at the show tomorrow and thanks for the questions! I want to know where he got that shirt, too!!! lol

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE! You missed it cuz your third eye needs a contact. (!!!) Can't WAIT til tomorrow!

  10. Thank you, Tanya!! Thank you so much!

  11. Yogini5 says:

    I think I know where. From Which begs the question: Why does he consider himself a Recovering Yogi?
    What in the commercial yoga world, to be specific, is Bob Weisenberg recovering from?

    [Those satsangs could be brutal? They want you to take their yoga classes, too?]

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  12. SriDTMc says:

    hahaha tanya those last two comments are the most hilarious and endearing tribute to Bob possible.

  13. Yogini5 says:

    Great show!

    There was an infomercial about Street Yoga at the appointed time, and I thought I was in the wrong place (interesting and quite informative, btw) but I persisted in listening.

    This was from my job, but I heard most everything.

    Waylon: "[People] Mistaking elephantjournal for a yoga blog" …

    Yes, a yoga blog – if written by a BRAIN TRUST 🙂

  14. Good question, Yogini5.

    I don't consider myself either recovering or a yogi. I just like the people, their site, and the shirt.

  15. Thank you so much, Yogini5 – so appreciate you tuning in! Thanks for hanging in there. Getting Bob, Waylon and myself in harnesses and then on a crane to the top of a 400 ft climbing wall was the cause for the delay. Pics with archive will be up today.

  16. ananda says:

    I am playing catch-up in ele. Is this recorded interview available anywhere?
    Thank you.

  17. […] November 4, 2011 here on Where Is My Guru. Not only did we get to talk cosmos and divinity with Bob Weisenberg, editor of elephant journal and creator of the Bhagavad Gita in a Nutshell and Yoga Demystified, […]