“It’s only sexist when men do it.”

Via elephant journal
on Jul 22, 2011
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I could do without the anger and righteousness, and with a smile or two, and I could particularly do without the C-word, which only harms the validity of his own argument…but the man makes a good and obvious general point.

Feminism, at its root, isn’t about tilting society against men. It’s about Civil Rights. It’s about Equal Pay. It’s about equality. And we have a long ways to go, and we won’t get there by villifying either gender, hey?


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7 Responses to ““It’s only sexist when men do it.””

  1. elephantjournal says:

    Angie O Genesis I saw it before. It certainly makes a very salient point. And go Darlene!

    Mary Tonningsen He's got some excellent points!

    Elaine Gilman He's gross and disgusting. He's also not wrong.

    Joy Sell Don't like the messenger but he is right..sad..( But could have been said better)

    Elizabeth G Gisler if he stopped to think a littttle longer, he would realize the using the cunt word isn't garnering any favor from women. i fully agree with his point.

    D Karen Wilkerson That guy is wild. And angry.

  2. Scotchbonnet says:

    His point is valid; too bad he invalidated himself with so much profanity.

  3. Frank says:

    I have always found this guy annoying at best, and incredibly obnoxious, angry, and self-righteous at worst.

    It's too bad his very valid points had to come from him, instead of someone with a more emotionally-balanced and down-to-earth presentation. He clearly he enjoys riling people up, eliciting reactions, and expressing his unchecked ego and anger, none of which are beneficial to a person who is looking to create productive dialogue. But as you stated, and others have in comments, his point is a very good one. I have also noticed a trend in commercials in which women say and do things toward men that are very degrading and insulting, and virtually zero commercials that contain the opposite (not that either are good things). This trend also exists in thing like sitcoms and movies. As long as so many oppressed people continue to prove that they will immediately become the oppressors when given the opportunity, we won't be doing much to solve our social inequality problems.

  4. Tammy says:

    If I would have seen the clip on The Talk I would have been appalled. Just seeing that brief clip angered me. What kind of example are we setting for our children? He made valid points. I don't like him or want to agree with him…but I do.

  5. Bruce says:

    He makes a good point. Violence should never be "funny". Remember, John and Yoko said, "Violence is the true pornography"

  6. elephantjournal says:

    Beautifully expressed. A wonderful example of fair-minded, respectful critique. ~ W.

  7. Fred says:

    He forgets the first rule of being a man: you do not complain. There is no one to complain to. No daddy to fix it. It is you who are responsible. Men cannot joke like this because their words are related to actions. Women can because it is recognized to be ineffectual chatter of no consequence in the world.