Life Strategy: Try Battlestar Gallactica.

Via Grace Ventura Sardonicus
on Jul 15, 2011
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For Sci-Fi lovers like me, the perennial dilemmas of truth vs. lie … love vs. fear … sex vs. science shine brightly from the furthest realms across time and space with gods, humans and Cylons (supposedly created by humans).

In Battlestar Galactica, the Gods: Zeus, Athena, Persephone…really mess things up. That’s right. In the future we humans carry on the tradition of blaming all our troubles on the Gods. Over six years, BG has loads of despair, hope, suffering…sizzling hot sex…blame and riveting life-or-death drama that rule the day.

Take Gaius Boltar, a shallow egotistical spineless brilliant Physicist who holds the key to the files unlocking mayhem on their home planet Caprica. Because of his obsessive deceitful lusting nature, he gives away the codes to the gorgeous fem Cylon, Caprica 6, who in turn destroys the planet and unleashes unfathomable loss of the greater part of the human race. Recognizing something extraordinary about this hot blonde, Gaius puts himself under her spell.  Caprica 6 capitalizes on Gauis’ vulnerability by ruthlessly turning his every weakness to her advantage. Deep down he yearned to capture his true nature, but was too scared to face himself and all of his lies, including responsibility for destroying Caprica.

Well, isn’t there a bit of Gaius in all of us? Or do you have more of Caprica 6 in you?

Curiously, these Cylons possess superior intelligence  + the handy resurrection program whereby they are reborn immediately after death + psychic ability to perceive “angelic” realms. The Cylons had 7 main models that were replicated plus an extra 5 that weren’t revealed until the end of the series. The main 7 models also had many human characteristics: the ones that really mattered and couldn’t be easily detected by the regular humans such as the sweet, vulnerable, committed woman; the dangerous, jealous, gullible, martyr; the righteous, manipulative, leader Some Cylons were even programmed to be unaware that they were Cylon until they were “turned on” at the appropriate time.

Both human and Cylon alike covered a gamut of characteristics that we all either love or hate. All in all…perfect. If we could only love instead of loathe those qualities that we believe are bad. If only we can accept our humanity and love ourselves into healing and forgiving in order to transcend and make new choices. That’s what I call a superior life strategy. In the final season Gaius preached acceptance of the perfection that we are, but because of his past deceits few trusted him.

In the end, the Cylons and humans found peace together through letting go of being right. Abandoning the pattern of lies and accepting each other through truth and open hearts, the survivors lived happily ever after until….that which has come before is destined to repeat itself, unless we can merge our human and Cylon selves.


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2 Responses to “Life Strategy: Try Battlestar Gallactica.”

  1. Daniel says:

    BSG best show ever

  2. yogijulian says:

    very interesting show – also enjoyed the short lived spin off called caprica that was a kind of prequel.