Please Stop. Breathe in, Breathe Out. Go for a walk, alone. {Warning: Graphic Image}

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on Jul 10, 2011
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Editor’s Question: Punishment is a start for animal abusers. But it’s not enough, right?

Half an hour after belatedly hearing about this via a reader on our readers for Animal Rights Facebook Page…I only feel sadder and sadder. Beyond jailing this angry young man (see below), is there some sort of rehabilitation we offer to animal abusers so they hopefully never do again? That’s what I’d love to know–resources for the aggressors so they will never be aggressive again to animals.

I agree they ought to receive harsh sentences. But that won’t make them better unless they receive some therapy or treatment or training to deal with their anger, right? None of us want this to happen again, and many such animal abusers probably grew up in environments full of aggression. It’s no excuse, certainly, but they need more than punishment. ~ ed.

A list of recent dog stabbings.

A petition to sign regarding the Denver slashing of Diamond, a puppy, who was then thrown outside because he had the nerve to bleed all over the owner’s apartment. More on that here and here.


The owner of the American bulldog said he became angry after the puppy bit him. He then grabbed a knife and stabbed the dog five times “slashing his face,” Kelley said.

The puppy’s owner, who had no visible bite marks, threw the puppy outside because he was mad the dog was bleeding in the apartment, Kelley said.

The puppy was found wandering near the apartment and was immediately taken to Alameda East Veterinary Hospital. After 3 hours of surgery the puppy was placed in an oxygen tent and is expected to survive.

“It’s very concerning when you see a situation like this,” Kelley said. “It’s very sad, it’s such a sweet puppy and you just wonder how something like this could happen.”

This is unspeakably sad. Please share if so inspired, as this sort of thing probably happens more than we know, and any cruelty against animals is too much animal cruelty, and it damages the soul of the aggressor, not just the animal.

And, not to get all vegan on you, but this sadness is precisely what you and I might feel if we ever bothered to visit and observe the confinement, torture, and killing in factory farms.


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9 Responses to “Please Stop. Breathe in, Breathe Out. Go for a walk, alone. {Warning: Graphic Image}”

  1. Alice2112 says:

    "First, live a compassionate life. Then you will know." Buddha
    Compassion towards ALL living beings

  2. Danielle B says:

    Absolutely heartbreaking. How anyone can viciously harm a living creature, I will never understand …

  3. wendy says:

    brutal. i am so sad. poor, innocent puppy 🙁

  4. hkoren says:

    From his Facebook page in December 2010:

  5. Love says:

    Yeah and judging by his facebook, or what little you see, he's a total indecent sociopathic scumbag. –About Matthew "Although they may act as such, most people will NEVER, EVER, TRULY appreciate your kindness, especially if it's from the bottom of your heart… It sounds bad but trust me, I know first hand…" HOW SAD! This shows me he lacks empathy, or at least needs his kindness to be self-serving.. Shame, shame.

  6. ARCreated says:

    I am most concerned with the reaction of hate though. Reprehensible? yes HOWEVER what led him to this place? how can we as supposedly compassionate people move past hating and punishment to a place of healing. I originally signed the petition to "throw the book" at him…but I regret it…I don't want revenge for diamond I want healing for all of us…I want more than causing more pain…which I believe will 'cause more harm than good. I want to change the paradigm and help not hurt. I want a world that sees an act like this or any other heinous act and looks for the root cause and fixes that… rehabilitation is more important than punishment…

  7. ARCreated says:

    A friend once told me of visiting the Dalai Lama in India and asking him for a succinct definition of compassion. She prefaced her question by describing how heartstricken she’d felt when, earlier that day, she’d seen a man in the streets of Dharmsala beating a mangy stray dog with a stick.

    "Compassion," the Dalai Lama told her, "is when you feel as sorry for the man as you do for the dog."

  8. ARCreated says:

    this is an excerpt from a daily om piece…

  9. anonymous says:

    i'm sorry… but I don't think this is a place to bring in veganism… while yes, this is animal cruelty, these are different issues that need to be dealt with in different ways. is it perhaps strange that we feel more compassion for a puppy, rather than a pig, maybe. but there enough stories on veganism and the issue behind it to let this story stand on its own