What’s worse for children?

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jul 20, 2011
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…Football or Video Games?

While I love to disagree with P&T on just about everything, I love the question.

I would say that violence starts in the mind…so the fact that video game violence isn’t “real life” is irrelevant. We all know we’re inspired one way or another by the books, movies, songs we read, see, hear.

The other major difference is that football injuries are, 99%, accidental. Duh. It’s not murder or assault—deliberate.


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One Response to “What’s worse for children?”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    Joy Williams video games about football?

    William B. Turner Well, I hated little-league football, but I turned out to be a Nancy boy, so no great surprise. Both are stupid, in my opinion.

    Cathy Schultz true fact: cheerleaders have the worst injuries of all sports, way more serious head and back injuries than any other sport!

    Zane E My parents wouldn't let me play football OR have an atari.

    Azlan Halloran I have a chronic, painful case of Nintendo thumb that has left me essentially useless in the age of text messaging. I know its not a crippling spinal injury, or say, being hit so hard from behind that your leg snaps at the knee and folds up causing you to cleat yourself in the testicles on the way down, but still. Video games robbed me of my ability to text – clearly dangerous.