“The greatest advertising & marketing trick of all-time.”

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on Jul 18, 2011
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Plastic Bottled Water?

Get a reusable container—it’ll keep your water cleaner, and won’t end up polluting our…water and oceans.

Videos: “bottled water is the greatest advertising and marketing trick of all-time.”

Why Coca Cola’s plastic water bottle Dasani failed in Europe.

Excerpts from Wikipedia:

“…the source of the Dasani brand water was in fact treated tap water from Sidcup, a suburban development in London. By early March 2004, the mainstream press had picked up on the story[11] and it became widely reported that Sidcup tap water was being treated, bottled and sold under the Dasani brand name in the UK.[7] Although Coca-Cola never implied that the water was being sourced from a spring or other natural source, they marketed it as being especially “pure”…

…The media made mocking parallels with an episode of the well-known BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses, in which protagonist Del Boy attempts to pass off local tap water as bottled “Peckham Spring”.[7]

…UK authorities found a concentration of bromate, a suspected human carcinogen, in the product that could be considered harmful if consumed in large quantities. Coca-Cola immediately recalled half a million bottles and pulled the “Dasani” brand from the UK market.[13] Shortly after, plans to introduce the brand to Continental Europe were announced to have been cancelled as well. Bromate was not present in the water before Coca-Cola’s treatment process. During that process the bromate was produced from the water’s bromide.

Coca-Cola intended to launch Dasani in France and Germany, although this never went ahead after bad publicity in the United Kingdom.


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4 Responses to ““The greatest advertising & marketing trick of all-time.””

  1. Tara says:

    Diamond engagement rings were also a pretty big marketing scam that has resulted in much death, mutilation, and economic instability. It was an awful marketing joke because it was for something that was absolutely useless, and based solely in vanity and meant that participating individuals were succumbing to the whims of advertisers and peer pressure. This marketing scam is worse because it is corrupting things that we actually need–water, which everyone needs daily, and our own environment. It also comes at the cost of the health and well being of individuals and communities in many areas, not to mention our ocean. Google the Pacific Garbage Patch if you haven't already heard. Thank you for posting.

  2. Tara says:

    Should say oceans…oops

  3. Dace says:

    This is so much true and unreasonable.

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