August 30, 2011

Is Your Word Worth Anything? ~ Xenia G. Brat

Photo: Anton Lindstroem

I had dinner with my ex this weekend.

My husband was there as well. This was their first time meeting. We had plenty of fresh sushi, sweet sake, and lots of laughs.

Photo: girl_onthe_les

Is it really that uncommon for two people who had been married to remain friends after they break up? Not “friendly” or “nice” because of kids or unfinished business or papers to sign—and not because of any side agenda. No, I’m talking about being friends just because.

Sadly, I’d imagine it’s probably more common for people to be in love one day and then hate each other after they break up.

Or, worse yet, hate each other and stay together.

It takes some integrity to look at your partner of ten years and say: “This is not working anymore.”

Photo: Jo Christian Oterhals

And then to separate, get divorced and then be just friendsgood friends. But so many people choose to cheat, lie and hurt instead of having courage and integrity. We all know people who have been there (on one end or the other).

How we choose to end a relationship is just as important as how we start a relationship and how we maintain a healthy relationship.

Handle your business, people!


Xenia G. Brat is originally from the rich land of Pura Vida, Costa Rica. She currently lives in sunny San Diego with her husband and teaches yoga at Green/Flash, a donation-based studio in Cardiff by the Sea. She teaches a fusion of Bhakti, Kripalu, Vinyasa and Power yoga: a practice of love, devotion and gratitude, and a constant search for a new edge. Visit Xenia’s website or find her on Facebook.

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