August 28, 2011

Life Advice from Dr. Seuss.

Who cares? Just be your silly self.

Today I went to Eldorado Pool for the first time all summer. I noticed how I was one person around my friend but more shy around others I didn’t know. Then, I saw the slide. And soon I was going crazy sliding, again and again, jumping up and throwing myself down and sorta surfing so I didn’t fall into the water for up to maybe 12 feet. And all the children wanted to do it too and we were shouting and cheering and clapping and laughing and I was just being me, un-self-consciously. It’s funny: when we’re most ourselves we are not aware or conscious of ourselves.

Funny, too, in a sad way: I’ve recently been taught the opposite lesson: don’t speak your mind, if your mind is defensive and righteous, ’cause you’ll get mobbed on by anonymous online commenters. But, somehow, that lesson ain’t so inspiring. I’ll stick with the above, I guess. Guess? Seuss.

Bonus: Dr. Seuss defines “love.”


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Read 9 comments and reply

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