Suffering and Our Greatest Work, a Poem.

Via Tanya Lee Markul
on Aug 27, 2011
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Feeling inspired by the poetry that has been coming into Elephant Journal, a quote I stumbled across by Winston Churchill, “‎If you are going through hell, keep going,” and a reminder from a friend of The Four Noble Truths, I felt inspired to write this….a sort of conversation with (the dark side) and me.

A Book of Hours.

Surrounded by distance, I share the existence with the divining winds whereof things below reveal no traces as of yet.

Spread myself out and into myself. Downfall and hurtle myself away.

I am alone in this great storm.

Suffering or elation, I am collecting for some love culmination.

Don’t be afraid now.

(If I comprehend, you have transformed the force and thrust of your tears toward your own ripe gazing and are in an act of changing every sap of your strong existence!)

And then, off I’ll go and I’ll try to break your fragments, needing only myself!

(Can you hear me?)

A perspective will come and snatch me from my farthest progress, I will then perceive with a new outlook.

(But remember, to hold each other is easy for us and requires no learning. If you’re still there, if somewhere in this darkness there’s still a warm spot where your perceptive spirit longs for me, you will hear my lonely voice within a lonely night).

With the possibility of being and the book of hours we still comprehend flowering simultaneously somewhere between suffering and our greatest work.


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