40 Sexy Vegan Men: {Video}

Via elephant journal
on Sep 1, 2011
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Physicality is skin-deep. Compassion is what’s truly hot. But wouldn’t you know, you can enjoy both, all in one?

Insert Beefcake Tempeh Nutloaf Pun here:



PLEASE NOTE UPDATES 6/11/10: Elijah Wood and Geoff Rowley are NOT vegan…Elijah was only rumored to be apparently, and Geoff was vegan for a short time, but he ‘hunts.’ And Georges Laraque’s sandwich is Canada KFC’s vegan “chicken” sandwich. [I know, this is all so important, hehehe.]

Great MD’s site on veganisn:

This is re-uploaded with new music, since the first one on my 1221solstice2012 channel had a copyright problem. But it’s still playing over there.

Wow, there are a lot of sexy vegan men! Any omissions aren’t intentional. Vegan info is current as of 2/10/10 on the HappyCow.net website. Enjoy!

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11 Responses to “40 Sexy Vegan Men: {Video}”

  1. Frankie says:

    oops, Brian Bell is totally a meat eater.

  2. SailorKara says:

    Another addendum: Tom Gabel now identifies with female gendered pronouns, which may not qualify her for the list anymore.

  3. lentil says:

    Ugh Elijah Wood should totally be Vegan he was so convincing in "Everything is Illuminated"!

  4. lentil says:

    Also, Andre 3000 does ads for Gillette!!!! WAY UN-VEGAN EEEWWW!!! </3

  5. Eka says:

    Very cool video.

    Though, I do not agree with the blanket statement that is being alluded to in the first sentence that simply by choosing vegan you are choosing to be compassionate. Lot of layers to this one.

    Yes, I get the point you are getting at, but I also know it can be very dangerous to gloss complex issues in this way.

    But again, thank you for the video.

  6. […] on elephant, vegans are hot too. If you put together a blog that was all pictures of sexy vegans holding kittens, you’d be golden. P.S. To all sexy kitten-owning vegans, send me your […]

  7. Nicole Weinberger says:

    Anthony Kiedis is not a vegan. I was at a function with him two years ago and he had the fish, plus mashed potatoes.

  8. Laura says:

    I didn't watch the entire thing but tried to scroll to see if Russell Brand was in it. He is the sexiest vegan. 😛

  9. Rebecca says:

    Russell Brand is also not Vegan…he clearly states that in one of his interviews, when asked about his Veganism he states he is a Vegetarian.

  10. Red says:

    I'm sorry , you forgot the most famous vegan man, PRINCE, HELLO????!!!! smh.

  11. Polona says:

    You missed the sexiest vegan, Jared Leto! 🙂