September 15, 2011

Aussie melodies to inspire your yoga practice. ~ Amy Landry

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Down Under Devotion.

I recently reached out on Twitter, requesting recommendations of some fresh inspiring Yoga tunes for both my personal practice and my classes. Ask and you shall receive?

Instead I’ve decided, in Yogi(ni) fashion, to give. As it is said, when you give unconditionally, with love, then you shall receive.

So here I give to you, all my favorite Australian artists well known for their beautiful yoga, kirtan and devotional sounds. I hope they inspire your practice — both on and off the mat — as they have done for me.

 Sacred Earth

Sacred Earth is the beautiful creation of Jethro and Prem Williams. I have had the honor of seeing them live, which shot my love for their music to another level. Prem shares a deep devotion to Mother Earth. Jethro plays a mind-blowing array of flutes including Shakuhachi, Indian Bansuri, Irish Tin and Low Whistles, along with the Guitar. If I were to pick a favorite album it would be Bhakti. Their music creates such a sacred space, to connect with the heart and cultivate a deep love for this world and beyond.

Their version of the Gayatri Mantra is like no other.

 Subway Bhaktis

Based in Byron Bay, the Subway Bhaktis are Rachel Zinman and Nyck Jeanes, with producer and musician Kamal Engels. These guys radiate joy and passion. Their uplifting chants and songs were originally conceived in New York City where Rachel and Nyck were living for four years.  After creating beautiful devotional tunes on the subways of NYC, they brought their Kirtan magic home to their Byron Bay backyard where Subway Bhaktis was born. Their soothing grooves will glide you through your practice.

An added inspirational bonus is the divine artwork on all the Subway Bhaktis albums and on their website. Talk about tantalizing all the senses!

 Carmella Gitanjali Baynie

Carmella has an angelic voice, a vehicle for transformation and vibrational healing. This super sacred songstress specializes in holistic voice and yoga workshops, music production and composition, and is a dedicated Yoga practitioner. She displays a huge passion for using song as a link to the divine, assisting people to access their true,  powerful and divine voice.

This inspiring woman is all about giving!

 Edo and Jo

This renowned Kirtan couple have lead people from all walks of life to bliss via their enchanting song. Edo and Jo tour internationally, and often spend their time between Bali, India and Australia. These guys certainly inspire compassion through music, yoga and their service to humanity – working with children at orphanages and supporting a program in India that raises money for children born with congenital heart defects.  How can you not love these two Bhakti Yogis?

Their music will take you on a magical journey, with soothing and joyous melodies. Tune into frequencies of healing, unity, love, and peace.


 Sri Prahlada

This man is joy in abundance. He gives unconditionally through his music. His heart and soul permeates every moment he sings. Now based in Sydney, but touring constantly, Sri Prahlada was pretty much born into Kirtan. He attended ashrams in both Australia and India, and at age 12 was offered an epic recording contract with record giant EMI. He is surely following his Dharma. Often performing with a rockin’ band of five or more, in traditional Kirtan styles and sometimes along with reggae and rock influences!

Let your soul’s blissful nature awaken.


Amy Landry  is a devoted Purna Yoga & Power Vinyasa Instructor from Australia. Also a Personal Trainer, Professional Dancer and Philanthropist. When off the mat, this Gemini is an avid Foodie, Blogger, Cat lover, Tea Drinker, Ayurveda dork and married to a Canadian Musician. Find her on Facebook and Twitter 
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