September 26, 2011

Just made my 1st donation to Barack Obama 2012—got a mug & dog leash.

When faced with uncertainty, chaos—early and decisive action is the difference between loss and victory.

Redford votes with me out of loyalty…but secretly I know he’s a Republican (allllways wearing Red).

The mug is silly, but I want a mug sitting around for years to come, and drinking morning coffee is among the best moments in my day, so I look forward to drinking out of a mug that is itself Made in the USA (I usually buy pottery mugs, to support local artisans).

Donate here, if so inspired—early support means a great deal, and the alternative is…crazy at worst, scary at best.

Note: elephant is a bipartisan publication. We’re down with moderates of all stripes, we like a lot of what Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman have got to say…but, overall, no surprise, we lean left. I’m a huge Obama fan, which doesn’t mean I don’t think critically about issues and his role in them. That said, I think the left (like the Tea Party) needs to find a way to support critically, construcively, isntead of tearing down whenever we’re unhappy, we need to give him the support he needs to do things we want, like close Guantanamo—which goes against the fundamental principles of our Constitutio (Love it or hate it, that’s why President Bush put it there, so the prisoners wouldn’t have US rights of a fair, timely trial).


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Read 6 comments and reply

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