Love your laborers, love your self ~ Jen Murphy

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on Sep 5, 2011
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Jen Murphy loves her job
Jen Murphy loves her job

Happy Labor Day!

I just wanted to remind everyone to take a moment to be grateful this Labor Day for all of the laborers out there making our lives easier. Just think of all the crappy jobs being done by someone that enable us to breeze through life without having to do it all ourselves: the public toilet cleaners, the road crews, your coffee server, the checkout person, the people maintaining our electricity lines, etc. Without them and what they do, our lives would not be what they are.

Thank you!

I think I’ll make it a practice this week to be especially appreciative of all those laboring on my behalf.

Love your job! (that’s an order)

By the way, if you’re wondering what the beautiful man in the picture above has to do with Labor Day and gratitude, I’ll tell you. That beautiful man was one of my jobs this weekend. Rather, it was my job to make him pretty for his pictures. I am certainly having lots of gratitude today for my job! I don’t always get to work with such beautiful people, but each makeup job is special to me in some way and I sincerely love what I do.

It’s important to love at least some aspect of your work. We spend so many hours a day doing our jobs that we need to have some love for it in order to lead healthy, balanced lives. Love your work, or at least make a sincere attempt to. It’s deeply important. If that doesn’t work for you then maybe it’s time to try something new . . .



About Jen Murphy

Jen Murphy has an M.A. in Philosophy of Aesthetics, but would rather make beauty in the world than philosophize about it. She is a makeup artist and a writer on sustainable and authentic beauty. Find her at Be Yourself Beautiful.


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  1. bentrem says:

    Thanks for this. I only thought that Elephant Journal was a waste of electrons. (Call me an optimist.)
    It's evidently a whole lot less than that.