Singer Adele goes Veg…thanks to her Dog.

Via Lindsey Block
on Sep 7, 2011
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It’s exactly what happened to me. Thank dog, I mean god.

I honestly look at my little, snorty boxer and wonder how I could ever eat a pig again. So I don’t. Or any other animal.  Something just clicked in me and I realized I had this huge heart for animal wellbeing and couldn’t understand how I ever before had so enjoyably eaten murder.

Multiplatinum recording artist Adele can melt hearts with her soulful voice, but her actions are saving lives. The singer told Britain’s Radio 1 that she is leaving meat out of her repertoire.

Like many of her songs, Adele’s inspiration came from love. “Whenever I am about to eat meat, I always see my little dog’s eyes,” she said.
Adele is quite right, of course: Cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, and other animals killed for food feel pain and fear, just as dogs and cats do, and it doesn’t make sense to love one yet eat the other. Via Peta



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Lindsey Block spends her weekdays as part of the Elephant Journal crew and her weekends hiking or picnicking at the park with a book. She's been a vegetarian for most of her adult life and delights in cooking up a new recipe (even though she really just wants to make tacos). She currently lives in Southern California.


5 Responses to “Singer Adele goes Veg…thanks to her Dog.”

  1. Andréa Balt says:

    "Thank dog, I mean god". Funny and true. No more pig (or dog) or other murder-eating for me either.

  2. Is her dog vegetarian?

  3. […] Lindsey blogged up about Adele, and Lindsey is one of those hip kids who’s taste I’m constantly bogarting…so I finally got into Adele a bit a week ago, and then last night…discovered this song. […]

  4. […] I’m transitioning this week, from being vegetarian to vegan, so that by Sunday, January 1st (eek) I’m more or less ready to go all the way and be more or less faithfully vegan throughout 2012, as I promised I would if our readers decided they wanted me to (I asked for a record number of comments, 500, on my blog asking if I should do it, and our readers delivered with plenty of time to spare. The point of asking for 500 comments was to inspire respectful conversation. I don’t like mean vegans, and I don’t want to belong to a self-righteous club, really—I just want to avoid hurting animals whenever I have the choice. I like my dog. I like animals. Why should I love one, and eat the other?) {Adele} […]