September 20, 2011

Wal*Mart “Cheer.”

Corporation as Half-hearted Cult.

A few youtube comments:

“How utterly nauseating.”

“Why don’t they cheer at Costco? They don’t have to, they get good wages, health care and because of that their morale is already higher.”

“You are not Wal-Mart. You are the low wage workers that Wal-Mart uses to make Billions of Dollars for the People who own Wal-Mart. Big Difference.”

“Worked at a Wal mart for three years. Oh god, I remember all the cheers. The clapping. The horror. The disgust. How I was chosen (forced) to lead the cheer, that night after work I raced home and jumped in the shower fully clothed. I scrubbed and scrubbed. But I still felt so dirty. OH DEAR GOD, DON’T LOOK AT ME!! AVERT YOUR EYES!!!! I’M A MONSTER!!!!!”



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