September 19, 2011

Women love to consume…so Ikea introduces Manland? Ugh.

Would Womanland in Home Depot be equally cute and funny?

Can we as a society begin to distance ourselves from the stereotype that women love to consume and men are big babies who love to play video games and eat?

A good come-to-Jesus moment for a culture that encourages women to consome, consume. In elephantland, we rightly rather regard women as, generally, caring, compassionate, wise, beautiful in and out. After all, study after study shows that organics, environmental issues, health…are women’s issues.

And that men would rather, well, play video games and watch sports and eat, all conveniently provided by…Manland. Ugh:

But…men, too, care about more than getting fat while staring at screens. How can the above be funny, cute, and not condescending…even, sexist?

“Nursery for Men = Genius” was the title of this vid when I found it. I beg to differ, siding rather with this comment on Reddit:

I wish someone would do a parody of this where men were shown to be doing something responsible and adult, but women were too immature and stupid to handle it, so the store had a place where you could drop off your idiot wife and let her engage in stereotypical and base “women behaviors” (whatever that means). And there’d be a male reporter beaming as he explains that “women just love to babble on incoherently and gossip, so we created a special room for them right here in the store!”

How insulting would that parody be to women? Well guess what, the reverse isn’t parody.


New at State Farm: a nail salon for your financially [slow] wife!

“While Mummy shops, Daddy plays.”


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD9dRqRL7P4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGPbvOirz8I

Arnold goes shopping in Junior…because he’s suddenly feminine. Can’t find the right click:




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Read 3 comments and reply

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