October 30, 2011

Bioneers: Day Three ~ Meredith Potter

I checked out “Bio-Intelligence: Utilizing the Essential Salts of Life to Create True Plant-Based Medicine” with Pieter Oosthuizen.

He talked about how chemicals in products really aren’t necessary.  Painting a picture of the structure of business, he touched on the notion that in order for a company to truly benefit, it needs to be creating benefit for all parts involved.

You can learn more about Pieter’s company here.

Second, I attended “Voices for Change Workshop” with Beth Osnes.  This interactive workshop opened my perspective and connected some dots.  I noticed how effectively Beth has dialed in on creating positive change through theatre techniques.  As a group of 10, Beth led us through some warm up exercises that included stretches, moving around, and vocals.  We then partnered up and made more sounds to our partners’ faces.

The next exercise was to find something we plan to take action on in the next month.  While I have experienced workshops like this that feel forced and awkward, Beth’s style was relaxed and inviting.  I felt relaxed and invited.  After putting our voices to the test by telling the group what our action would be, Beth chose 2 of the actions and workshopped them.

One participant wanted to lead a LBGTQ workshop, and Beth busted out a bundle of exercises that were related.  One woman was in the process of selling a piece of land, and she had the chance to practice giving her upcoming speech.  Feedback and ideas followed.

Beth can be seen in “Mother: Caring for 7 Billion“. She is launching a new project called Striking the Match, and will be at the Black Box Theatre November 5th at 7:30 in the evening for that.


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