Day 23: My Grandmother’s Pots

Via Marylee Fairbanks
on Oct 23, 2011
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I try to organize my pots and pans and tupperware, but they never stay in those neat little piles.  I have tried sliding racks, metal shelves, drawers that pull, and hooks with magnets. Nothing works.

I promise myself with each new gadget that I will succeed in keeping order, but really, who am I kidding. It’s a mess within a week.

My Grandmother, who kept everything in perfect order, would be disgusted with me. A few of her old favorite pans are in there and I think can hear her clicking her tongue at me every time I open the cabinet door.

I tossed mis-matched lids and a scraped up fry pan and spent an hour removing everything from the cabinet and reorganizing.

Lets see how long it lasts.

One day to go friends. What have you uncovered so far?


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Marylee Fairbanks is a columnist for Gaiam, elephant journal, My Life Yoga, and, Her essays explore Motherhood and yoga, but mainly focus on her experiences with her young son and the many ways he helps her grow. She is a registered yoga teacher and founder of Chakras Yoga and The 24 Things. She teaches Chakras Balancing workshops and yoga classes. Prior to having her son, she performed in Broadway musicals across the country. Marylee lives in Massachusetts with her husband, son, and dogs. Find her on her website and follow her on twitter.


One Response to “Day 23: My Grandmother’s Pots”

  1. Tanya Lee Markul says:

    I found some really old plates at the top of one of our cupboards……never been used and full of dust! Off to the donation station!

    Thank you Marylee!