October 17, 2011

Guide to Bioneers 2011: Article Round-up + Photos.

Our Bioneers 2011 Coverage:

elephantjournal.com was honored to attend the national Bioneers Conference in beautiful San Rafael (north of SF) this past weekend, October 14-16, as press.

>> Spirit of the Young Farmer.

“The explosive potential of controlling your own food supply.” ~ Severine von Tscharner Fleming

>> Women Who Fuel the Revolution: Gloria Steinem and World Pulse.

An emotional and poignant talk highlighting the ways communication and outreach via the internet can literally help save women and girls from a “living hell.”

>> Paul Stamets: Mushroom as Medicine, “Thinking Membranes” & the Answer to Basically Everything.

Understanding the incredibly significant role that mycelium serve as “cellular bridges,” which connect humans and habitat, he is able to effectively realize their potential through the widespread application of his research.

>> Anim Steel on The Real Food Challenge: America’s First Food Day October 24th.

Anim steel, Director of National Programs at The Food Project for The Real Food Challenge, spoke about the beginning of the national movement of bringing back real food.  Bringing “real” and healthy food to schools is one of the most important steps to reinvigorating the ethics of land stewardship and food justice, and promoting widespread support of organically grown produce. Find out more about America’s first national Food Day on October 24th here.

>> Amory Lovins: “Do Solutions, Not Problems.”

Amory Lovins: A Plan to Kick Our Addiction to Oil, End Most Wars, Solve Climate Change & Improve Design.

>> “Reindigenization” of our World View: Embracing a Different Way of Knowing.

“We need to dutifully follow our ‘original instructions’ everyday as if our life depended on them, because they do.”
~ Melissa K. Nelson

>> What Would Nature Do? A Lesson in Biomimicry.

“Solving the world’s problems by looking towards nature and its solutions.” This is how Dayna Baumeister defines “biomimicry” to the Bioneers audience.

>> Queen of the Sun: What are the bees telling us?

As Michael Pollan said in the movie, “bees are the legs of plants”, and if they are threatened or destroyed by a phenomenon coined Colony Collapse Disorder, it means our ability to grow nearly half of our food becomes paralyzed.

>> Mary Evelyn Tucker on “New Stories from Ancient Traditions.”

“Ancient stories are now being seen as congruent with science.” ~ Mary Evelyn Tucker, professor at Yale, and co-founder and co-directer of the Forum on Religion and Ecology.

>> Top Ten Most Inspiring Things I’ll Take Away From Bioneers.

After a whirlwind of a weekend, I’ve witnessed more than my fair share of mind-blowing talks by visionaries from all over the world.  An intense gratitude washed over me as I realized my last day at this incredible event was about to end.


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