Steve Job’s Next Invention

Via David Romanelli
on Oct 7, 2011
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I have a theory why Steve Jobs died so young.

Heaven needs innovation. The whole concept isn’t working. The Man needs help big time.

And who better than Steven Jobs to shuffle things around.

Here’s my guess as to some of his first tasks at hand.

Many people question if there is a heaven, in much the same way nobody really thought Apple could make a comeback after almost dying in the mid 90′s.

Someone, ie Jobs, needs to let people know Heaven is real and we all have something to look forward to. I’m not sure how Jobs is gonna do it. But he figured out how to put 80,000 songs in your pocket (iPod). I wouldn’t put it past him.

Expect Something Big very soon. A Moment that will make us think twice about our faith. A light in the sky or a sale at Whole Foods. Something truly Momentous

The newer generations might take more kindly to the notion of heaven if there was a new prophet. In much the way the iPod made the Jukebox obsolete, would not a modern day messiah add vitality to the idea of death…and life?

Expect Someone Big very soon. Someone with a very special ability, ie to hit .454 in baseball when nobody has hit .400 since the 1940′s. Someone that sneaks up on us to get our attention and then delivers a very important message.

The whole “pearly gates, walk into the light, angels with wings” thing is lame. In much the way that Apple created the coolest ad campaign ever with Think Different, it’s safe to say we can expect a new look from Heaven.

I’m not sure what he’s thinking but the guy who figured out how to make computers beautiful surely will have plenty of resources to work now that he’s no longer subject to a tired body and cancer.

Expect a major shift very soon. I can see Jobs orchestrating Jay Z having a near-death experience and creating a whole new Religious Iconography.

Prayer is so 1421. There hasn’t been an update to “spiritual technology” in hundreds of years. It’s as if boring old Microsoft has a stranglehold on the lines of Communication. Enough already.

Steve Jobs was a big believer in meditation. Expect not just a surge in this ancient art, but some sort of gadget or app that taps a heretofore Forbidden Frequency, allowing Conversation with those we thought were long gone.


The world needs a common enemy. It sounds worse than it is. For instance, Jobs always united Apple followers against Big Blue (IBM) or boring old Microsoft.

There can be no attention to Heaven until people are united in the cause.  Expect some Celestial Event very soon… a near miss by a meteor or something that brings everyone closer.

Jobs probably arrived past  “the pearly gates” earlier this week, laughed at how they hadn’t been swapped out since 32BC, and wondered if he could help.

The prayer lines are flooded, people on earth are hurting, lonely, scared.

A “Re-org” is already underway, rest assured…so long as Steven Jobs has a say.

Even if you didn’t care for the latest Apple gadget, you probably were touched by the life of Steven Jobs. And don’t be the least bit surprised if you are touched even more profoundly by his death.

By David Romanelli

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2 Responses to “Steve Job’s Next Invention”

  1. Justin Bette says:

    You sure he's in Heaven?!

  2. Miquel Reyolds says:

    Not sure you get this one? Really? And so the way you figure it, because Jobs mentioned a ton of music on his Ipod he couldn’t Also provide, appreciate and luxuriate in a ton of vinyl? How would you think the majority of it got onto the Ipod-and on CDs before that- to start with! Why is there this rush to always try to replace mediums as an alternative to allowing them to coexist? Because we invented the wheel didn’t mean unfortunately we cannot ever wish to walk again and will cut off our legs. Even though we can fly in an airplane doesn’t suggest we don’t wish to drive places too. Hello. Neil Young realizes that better than most. He embraces progress in technology because it applies to recorded mediums (his Archives, natch) without eschewing the strengths and quality of vinyl. Why always choose a side, pick a team, look for a medium? Maybe I love having and utilizing more than one option. Why folks that fancy themselves so progressive can’t obtain that is beyond me. It’s rather a terribly short sighted attitude and it ultimately does much more harm than good both business wise and artistically.