If you really want to Occupy Wall Street…

Via Waylon Lewis
on Oct 16, 2011
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…and move your money to a local-based credit union.

How to Occupy America? Shop local. Vote with your hard-earned dollar. Avoid corporations that (now, “who”) you don’t believe in.

“Shop at local stores who provide locally made goods. Buy from local farmers. If more of us did this, we’d easily cause change by hitting where it matters most. Without the support of our money, the voting with our wallets as we do every day, wall street and the corp structure is merely a paper dragon. We’re in charge if we just make the right choices in a concerted effort.”


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9 Responses to “If you really want to Occupy Wall Street…”

  1. Possibly the best response to the Occupy movement so far. If I am serious about wanting something to change – it has to start with me. I put my money where my mouth is…

  2. Anonymous says:

    If posting tweets about the zucchini you purchased at the local farmer's market helps you feel better about yourself, that's fine; it's not going to cause the executives at Whole Foods, Google or Citigroup to lose sleep. A year's worth of profits from selling old A&F shirts at Buffalo Exchange doesn't match the cost of burying even one American soldier who died in Afghanistan. OWS is about politics being controlled by money. Until we stop corporate funding of political campaigns, high rollers are going to run this country.

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  5. This problem didn't start with one big wrong choice. It started with all of us being apathetic, and so focused on immediate gratification that we were ok as long as we got our Whole Foods, A&F, and had Citigroup et al to help fund all of it. We are all accountable here. And YES! Hold politicians responsible, hold giant corporations accountable. But never doubt for one second the impact that your everyday choices make. Even if being true to your conscience, and helping a small business owner is the only impact made by your purchase…it is still important. And I believe that strongly enough to be non-anonymous about it.

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  8. Natali_78 says:

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