Mary Evelyn Tucker on “New Stories from Ancient Traditions”. {Bioneers}

Via Kate Hormel
on Oct 16, 2011
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“Ancient stories are now being seen as congruent with science.” – Mary Evelyn Tucker, professor at Yale, and co-founder and co-directer of the Forum on Religion and Ecology.

Photo: NASA

Tucker’s eloquence during her plenary at Bioneers this morning does a tremendous honor to the work she’s done listening and connecting with the cultural stories and experiences from peoples all over the world.  Currently, she is working to promote a new film titled Journey of the Universe based on the book The Universe Story, a highly regarded work by Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme.  (I had the pleasure of reading and studying it  during my time in the Environmental Studies Dept. at Naropa University and it’s one of my top 5 faves).


Via Yale University:

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