Occupy from the comfort of your own Home.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Oct 31, 2011
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Haven’t Occupied yet? Now you can—from your home.

Next time you get one of those unsolicited rip-off too-good-to-be-true credit card offers in your mailbox, send it back—costing said bank postage—with a thoughtful reply.

“We can have a dialogue.”

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Gets really good at 3:30:

A fast, easy, free, and non-violent way to drive the big banks out of their greedy little minds is sitting in your mailbox right now. You just don’t know it yet.

“This isn’t really about running up the postage bill on the big banks, although that’s a nice side effect. The real effect of this is to force banks to react to us.

If they start getting hundreds and thousands of weird responses to their credit card applications, well they’re going to have to have meetings. They going to have to develop new procedures and every hour banks spend reacting to us is an hour banks don’t spend lobbying Congress on how to screw us.  It’s an hour banks don’t spend foreclosing on our houses.

So I think that that’s progress.”

And, via youtube: “This supports the United States Postal Service also, maybe keeping several thousand postal workers out of the unemployment line. Good idea.”



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3 Responses to “Occupy from the comfort of your own Home.”

  1. David Kemp says:

    The banks & power companies can be our best friends & rebuild the FED w secondary US alternative resource barter dollar Accts for Americans. Boom w no BUST if debt becomes non-exclusive way for GDP. to expand. Plus true economic parity for first time EVER!

  2. In keeping with the spirit of the changes that are going on in Society today, i.e. Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Boston …why not Occupy your own Home?


    LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, as you may very well know, we have a private, monopolistic, toxic, predatory monetary system that has corrupted many politicians, various appointed Civil Servants, officers in the Military Industrial Complex, executives in Multinational Corporations, including Bankers and their not-to-be-trusted Appraisers, Lawyers, Brokers and Real estate Agents.

    One of the most predatory frauds is illegal foreclosure.

    “A loan is what’s called a negotiable instrument. There are laws governing negotiable instruments called the Uniform Commercial Code. Specifically, the right for a bank to enforce and foreclose on a property is subject to the claimant being a real party of interest. For the party to be a creditor of a negotiable instrument there needs to be a proper chain of endorsement from the original lender to the party wishing to enforce the note. If the loan has been sold, then the bank can no longer claim they are a real party of interest.

    A negotiable instrument can only be in one of two states when it undergoes securitization, not both at the same time. It can either be a loan (and treated and governed as such) or a stock (and treated and governed as such.) Once it is traded as a stock, it is forever a stock. It is treated as stock and regulated by the SEC as a stock.”

    In conclusion: No bank can foreclose! Any attempt to foreclose is FRAUDULENT because in court neither the bank nor the investors are the real and beneficial party of interest! To attempt to foreclose without standing is FRAUD on the court! (Note the current drop in foreclosures!)

    Finally, according to various progressive economists, banks cost household nearly $20 trillion in wealth by causing bubbles and bursting them. Now, banking executives, mortgage servicers, appraisers, broker companies, and law firms have perpetuated a fraud (knowingly or unknowingly) and have gained substantially from the foreclosure scam.

    With that in mind, I petition you to send a great message to the bankers who have lied to you, the American people, and committed fraud on your country and its courts; courts that should be courts of law, not courts of men.

    WHAT TO DO? Declare for yourself your home free and clear of any fraud! A free home that you can occupy with NO MORE mortgage payments!

    Remember: You have created the credit the bank lent you, and you created the value in your home by living there and taking care of it—Don’t let the banksters steal YOUR HOME from under you with their unlawful fraudulent practices.

    David Snieckus
    Newton, MA 02466
    Six things I found out:

    1.You may already OWN your own home!
    2.The bank NEVER gave you any “consideration” (actual $ Money) for the loan.
    3.The loan may likely have been changed into stock and sold on Wall Street.
    4.Investors bought these securitized loans as “stock”.
    5.The loan is GONE when it is securitized! Also…..
    6. Electronic Negotiable Instruments are not legal for foreclosures.
    – see 15 U.S.C. chapter 96, Subchapter 1 sections: 7001- 7003

  3. Jill Gridley says: