Sari Friedman OccuPIES Oakland, Oct. 15 2011

Via D. Patrick Miller
on Oct 15, 2011
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Only Berkeley and Oakland in California benefited from the presence of Sari Friedman’s free, homemade Occu-Pies….

The crowd reaction was generally pretty good!




Confabbing was everywhere.
There were creative new domiciles... ...
... and an open-hearted recognition of diversity.



Actor Danny Glover fired up the crowd...


...because things really are worse than you thought.



And now, we're out of Occu-Pies. Oh no! Get cooking, Sari!


 All photographs by D. Patrick Miller



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One Response to “Sari Friedman OccuPIES Oakland, Oct. 15 2011”

  1. Peter Bray says:

    WOW! I posted it on my FaceBook page too! You guys are cooking!!–Peter Bray, Benicia, CA