The Funniest Yoga Teacher in America.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Oct 3, 2011
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(No pressure, Billy)

But, seriously: Billy Goldman has been my go-to yoga teacher of the last several years. He teaches at The Yoga Workshop, Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor’s famous yoga studio in Boulder, Colorado, where elephant and our staff and interns have practiced off and on for years.

And now, starting this week, he’s teaching at The Yoga Pod, too.

My go-to yoga teacher, Billy Goldman, on the role of humor in yoga.

At the Yoga Pod grand expansion re-opening party this Saturday (photos here), I talked with Billy about the role of humor in yoga. I expressed that as a man who finds yoga difficult (though post-yoga, I find heavenly), his humor really helps me get through class. And that his humor, unlike with some yoga teachers, wasn’t ever a distraction—rather is always seemed to help me connect with the practice.

He replied that humor, rather than being entertainment, was the direct fruition of yoga practice. That it naturally arises out of connecting with the practice. And I thought that was beautiful, and hope that more teachers learn that yoga teaching isn’t about doing stand up, being entertaining or charismatic, but, as Pattabhi Jois said, “do the practice and all will follow.”

Six months ago, our last advertising/yoga agreement ran out (the Workshop was generous for 9 years in supporting elephant, for which I thank them from, literally, the bottom of my heart). Mary and Richard were on the road, and when I didn’t hear back for some time, rather desperate for yoga (I love or appreciate yoga, but I mostly need it), I surveyed the yoga scene in Boulder—with so many good studios including Corepower, Om Time, Bikram…and settled, rather easily, on The Yoga Pod.

My first class there was…perfect. Matt—a graceful, gracious teacher with a sense of humor. I wasn’t used to heat, or mirrors, or music…but I enjoyed all of it just fine. Yoga Pod’s classes are diverse—all age ranges, levels of skill, styles, teachers from various traditions—and I loved how professional the place was. Showers, for me, are essential, as they allow me to get right back to work and not have to run home after class.

And, seeing that Jeanie Manchester and Alison Litchfield, and now Billy Goldman—all star students of Richard Freeman—as well as longtime elephriend Amy Ipolliti—and hitting it off with owners/teachers Gerry and Nicole—well, I’m proud to say, that the Yoga Pod is now sponsoring our weekly elephant class.

Billy Goldman is teaching at the Yoga Workshop, and I encourage you to find him there (also, if you’re in Boulder and don’t practice with Richard when he is in town, you’re missing out. He raises the bar as to “what yoga is” and does so not only with depth and passion, but with humor. Also, Mary Taylor is a great teacher, as is Dan, and many others at the Workshop).

Billy’s at the Yoga Pod, starting this week—check their schedule for updates.

Say “elephantjournaldotcom” when you go in for a class at Yoga Pod. If they pass along your name (with tee-shirt size, address and email) to us, we’ll give you a organic, fair-labor, USA made and printed yoga-worthy tank top (for women) or tee (for gents).



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  2. Andy says:

    Seems like Yoga Pod is becoming the place where the legit peeps from across the Boulder spectrum are coming to teach. Sounds like a great place.

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