Why Do We Hate the Original Dog? ~ Karen Wallo

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on Oct 22, 2011
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Dogs as a species are estimated to be approximately 15,000 to 20,000 years old.

Critics argue that gene substitution speeds up, then slows down—making the estimates rough at best.

The first dogs were just tame wolves. Some researchers believe wolves were first attracted by the garbage produced by early human settlements. Those canines brave enough to approach humans got fed. Eventually, they no longer needed the strong jaws and sharp teeth of their feral counterparts. Their noses got smaller as well.

Dogs’ characteristics can change a lot in just a few generations. After this initial process of “self-domestication,” humans started breeding dogs to help with hunting, herding, standing guard, and carrying loads. Humans also deliberately bred dogs to be more affectionate, which in turn made them great companions.

Here is where I get frustrated with those who are slaughtering wolves and yet have a dog as a pet. They clearly do not realize or care to realize that wolves are just wild dogs. And, dogs are just domesticated wolves!

Dogs are revered, loved, kept in warm homes, and provided with constant food. Of course, there are the exceptions—humans who abuse or neglect their dogs. But generally, dogs are probably the most loved domesticated animals on the planet. Wolves, on the other hand, are thought of as killers ready to eat your children! When, in fact, wolves are afraid of humans and avoid us like the plague.

The grey wolf has been brought to the brink of extinction multiple times in history, and it is all happening again, right now. This year, wolves in America were removed from the protection of the Endangered Species Act. This action was not based on what is best for the animal or the eco system. Instead, it was based on cattle ranchers, trophy hunters and dirty politicians.

A rider was slipped into the must pass budget bill delisting the grey wolves from the ESA permanently, leaving ‘management’ to the states. Sadistic hunting techniques like aerial gunning, poisoning and arrowing are being used on both adult wolves and puppies. The anti-wolf sentiment is so strong in the Northern Rockies that certain individuals are suggesting illegal poaching practices and deliberately shooting a wolf in the gut so that they die a long, slow, torturous death. This is what the Northern Rockies means by ‘management!’ Before long, your children and grandchidren will only see the majestic wolf in a text book if the massacre is allowed to continue.

Photo: Mike Ely

Perhaps wolves are so hated and misunderstood by some because of an inaccurate fairy tale called “Little Red Riding Hood.” That was the beginning of the fear and loathing of the grey wolf. Mix that misconception and insanity with the greed of the cattle ranchers and trophy hunters, and you have a recipe for disaster in the lives of wild wolves.

This loathing and desire to destroy wolves is a worldwide phenomena. Wolf advocates like myself are fighting a war to change the ingrained beliefs that are erroneous. There is even apathy among many animal advocates who work tirelessly to help other species, yet neglect the cry of the wolf.

Although I love dogs tremendously, it is my view that it was arrogant for humans to attempt to domesticate wolves for their own needs in the first place. God created wolves, not dogs. Man created dogs for their own needs and desires. By nature, man is selfish and only a fraction of the population even thinks about how other sentient, living creatures are feeling or being treated.

We are such an unevolved race of beings when you think of what we do to our animals and to one another. Until I take my very last breath, I will dedicate all of my work, my art, my music to saving animals, especially the magnificent and persecuted grey wolf.

I feel a kinship and love of other human beings who have the same admiration and respect of the original dog. God bless you all for every action you ever take to save them from endless suffering and extermination.
 Karen Wallo is a second generation Czech-Slovak and comes from a long line of artists originating in Prague, Czech Republic and Smolenice, Slovakia. As a child growing up in New Jersey, Karen’s imaginative mind lead to creative natural talent. When she was ten years old, she won her first gold medal for a drawing of a dog. Currently Karen lives in Colorado and New York City and is an animal rights advocate, particularly for endangered wildlife like wolves, wild horses and burros. You can check our her website at KarenWallo.com.


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74 Responses to “Why Do We Hate the Original Dog? ~ Karen Wallo”

  1. Karen W. says:

    Thank you everyone for all the kind and insightful comments. PLEASE do not engage that anti wolf Brad aka Bruce. He is green with envy that I had this article published and sick with fear that more people will find out about the horrific and unfounded slaughter of our wolves. Do not give him any ammunition. This is an article I worked hard on and thank God it has been spread far and wide educating many people about the truth on our wolves. Do not let him continue to litter this page with his propaganda and vicious words. I will see if I can get Elephant Journal to block him. We all know why the White House petition did not meet 5000 signatures. It is simply because it was nearly impossible to sign for many weeks. It took me 5 times to get it right. There was a glitch in the petition that many of us called and wrote about. In any case, we do not need to prove anything to BH.

  2. Nancy says:

    Priscilla, Brad Henderson is really Bruce Hemming.

  3. Dawn Duvo says:

    Great article Karen I can't wait to read more of your work.You are a awsome person together we will save the wolves from the Hunters who kill them so they can have more Elk to kill and say that wolves have no right to eat In their twisted thoughts all living things have a right to eat

  4. Nancy says:

    Amen to that my dear friend. Thank you for fighting for our wolves. You are the best.

  5. Karen W. says:

    Thanks sweetie! :))

  6. Karen W. says:

    Thanks Dawn!! :))

  7. Karen B. Wood says:

    We ARE different from wolves, we are humans! Might as well admit it. Don't get me wrong, I love wolves with all my being. We have them. I respect them intensely. And love them for what they are.

  8. Karen B. Wood says:

    And I love Karen's article!

  9. Pete B. says:

    And they should be concerned with it. Lazy bastards.

  10. Mario says:

    EXCELLENT EXCELLENT FACTUAL PIECE KAREN… May the wolf always run wild and run free !!!!!!!!!!

  11. Billy says:

    Pay no mind to Brad (aka Bruce Hemming),
    faithful and beloved howlers.
    He will never amount to a hill-of-beans,
    and is nothing more than a mere ghostly shadow
    from a long-forgotten era that should be left
    buried back in the primitive 19th Century.
    We are a sovereign Wolf Nation,
    a tribe of many like-minds from all parts of Mother Earth who support our noble cause to save and protect our precious wolves,
    and we are gonna do all what it
    takes to protect what we, and our Native American/First Nations brothers and sisters, revere as very sacred, and NOT fall in line, walk lock-step, nor conform to the barbaric ways of the Old West.
    We are from the future, on a noble mission
    to shake up the status quo of the past,
    by doing Great Spirit’s will and protect
    His majestic creations He made for us
    and future generations to behold with
    awe and wonder..
    Karen, don’t let fear get the best of you, hon. As FDR once said,
    “The only thing to fear, is fear itself”.
    The I.Q.s of the ignorant and twisted naysayers and detractors are lower than Absolute Zero on the Kelvin Scale.
    ~May Our Glorious Grand Father, The Great Spirit, Protect You, Our Sisters And Brothers, And His Majestic Creations From All Evil~

  12. Billy says:

    And Karen, you are doing an excellent job!

    You are truly a natural in everything you do, with a talent and a gift, blessed by our glorious Creator.<3

    Keep up the great work.

    I know the our noble mission to save and protect our majestic wolves from extinction is a difficult one..

    But with the help of our glorious Almighty,

    we will and shall prevail, 'cause we have faith in the One who created Heaven and Earth.

    The naysayers and detractors are only

    wasting too much of their time,

    trying to make us conform to

    their twisted ways.

    But we are much smarter than they are,

    'cause we have evolved and advanced

    (possibly into the next century). 😉

    The detractors are from the past..

    We come from the future,

    and as non-conformists, we love to shake

    up the status quo. ;)))))

    It helps to keep life from getting

    dull and boring….Hehehe ;))))


  13. Linda Camac says:

    Yo Brad …errr Bruce……the Anti-Wolf "movement' is the REAL CULT, as YOU GUYS ARE ON THE FRINGE, not us! Most people in the world LOVE WOLVES – you are just getting away with the "for now" legal hunting because of some slimey politicians who wanted to keep the Democratic majority. Great article Karen! Keep up the good fight!

  14. Karen W. says:

    Thanks Linda..I appreciate all that you do as well for our iconic wolves. :))

  15. Karen W. says:

    Thank you for the lovely comment, Billy! You passion for our wolves is an inspiration to all!! :))

  16. Karen W. says:

    Thanks Mario!! 🙂

  17. Phyllis McRae says:

    Your article is great! Congrats on it being published! as to the anti-wolfers…they are too stupid to realize they are controlled by big money and will be dropped as soon as they are not needed! I am glad I do not feel the need to kiss some big money ass so they can pat me on the head and say good boy! Brad/Bruce is a good example of the rabid lunatics willing to be led by greed.

  18. George says:

    Andy, you are so correct. The only thing incorrect is about this inbred having a soul. Evil has no soul. What an empty shell and a lonely existence this fool has. You almost have to feel sorry for it.

  19. Karen W. says:

    Thanks Phyllis..:))

  20. Mohibul I. says:

    Gr8 & |_ovely …..|-|ave a //ice |)ay……….:) ~❤~(◠‿◠)˙·٠•●♥❤.♥.♥♫❤˚♫•♫♥♪ ♥♪ ♥ ♥♥…<~')!('~>…..

  21. Karen W. says:

    Thanks Mohibul! :))

  22. Pete B. says:

    Yeah, you tell him, Linda! What insulted me most was some comment he made a while back saying that here in my home state of Michigan, they have gay wolves. I say, "Oh, really? The only way we can tell in Michigan if someone's gay is if they've got their hair cut like… his."

  23. Michele says:

    The elk in Gallatin County are being killed in the thousands by HUNTERS, not wolves. I live here and deal in FACTS…not fiction. The "gangs" of elk (not called herds) are only in danger of hunters and they hate that we know the truth. They have to continue to spew out lies and misinformation because the serial killers (hunters) need to profit off of their deaths or they will lose their business. It's all about money and dirty polititians. The two go hand in hand.

  24. Karen W. says:

    Wow..thank you, Daniel..What a lovely comment!!