October 2, 2011

Watch: Abbreviated Oral History of Lyrics that aren’t Lyrics.

Ski bi di bi di do bap do / Do bam do / Bada bwi ba ba bada bo / Baba ba da bo / Bwi ba ba ba do.

Fun: like the sound of sanskrit or any holy ancient language we don’t know fluently, nonsensical sounds in songs are often the ones that grab deepest.

26 songs, over 49 years. Featuring Jane Lui (http://youtube.com/luieland). Michael T. on bass (http://www.michaelt.org) and Jonathan Batiste on piano (http://www.jonathanbatiste.com). Directed by Joe Sabia (http://www.joesabia.co) This was learned in 90 minutes, and done in 4 takes!

Now I have to go into youtube, and pleasantly lose an hour of my life (re)listening to all these songs in their original.

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