November 9, 2011

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Nugget — a puppy blinded when he was thrown from a car window… happy and healthy now, waiting on a home.”

Supercute recovering heartbreaking tearjerker in search of happy ending beginning.

Try and read his story without crying a little.

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Growing Boy

Nugget is almost a solid 20 lbs now. Even though his eye sight is still in question, we do know that he does see some. How much seems to change day by day. Movement in the perfect light he seems to pick up on, but depth perception like stairs and low light he has trouble with. We have seemed to stop any progression of his demodex, but he still has at least 3 more weeks of treatment.

We did get Nugget into his socialization class. This past Saturday Nugget went to his first class. He is more advance in his sits and downs but, his Terrier came out a little with his barkiness when the other puppies were playing but over all he did very well. I cant wait to see what the future classes hold for him.

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I am a firm believe that starting training and socialization at a young age is key to a well rounded dog. I have a chance to get Nugget into a puppy class that is based mainly on socialization with other dogs and people with some obedience also. I think this would be ideal for him. With him being a pitbul and in North Carolina they have a worst reputation than they do in New York I am worried about that harming his chances of finding a forever home I want to make sure he no other strikes against him. The problem lies in the class alone is $120. Between his medical bills this isnt an option. My plea is for anyone out there to please find it in your heart to donate any amount that you can to help me do this for Nugget!
  • October 25 6:19pm



We have been noticing that Nuggets coat has been thining. We have done a few skin scapes on him over the last week and even though we dont have a massive amount of positive mites on skin scrapping we know that with Nugget being a pitty and goodness knows what kind of life he had before now that he has Demodex mange. Demodex mange is not contagious, everyone Human or Animal has them but the normal immune system keeps them in check. In Nuggets case because his immune system was so stressed with everything he has gone threw the Demodex has taken over and he is losing his hair. Pitty’s seem to be more prone to Demodex mange to top it all too. We have started him on treatment and i am sure that in now time he will be looking handsome as ever!

After everything Nugget has been threw this is just another thing for him to over come but I know that he will take this challenge and come out on top

  • October 23 12:01pm


3 weeks later

Well tomorrow it will have been 3 weeks since Nugget was carried into Waxhaw Animal Hospital. I was looking threw photos of him on that day and what he is now and if I didnt see it myself I would have never believed it was the same dog. He came in with no meat on his bones only weighing 5 lbs, his head bones were so pronounced his legs were just twigs and there was no life in his eyes. Today I look at him he is a very plump 12 lbs his eyes are bright he is playing with toys, knows sit and most of all he is loving life. If you have ever owned or know someone who has a pitbull you what I am talking about when I say the pitty smile, and he has one on his face all the time! I have video of his first steps, and to go from that to running around chasing other dogs just takes my breath away! He is such a blessing to this world , and I am so thankful to have given him the chance he needed to show the world that given just a little time can make all the difference.

Nugget is the 19th dog in just over 2 years that has passed threw my house onto his path to a forever home. I always say that I learn something from each and everyone of my fosters but Nuggets message to people is one I will forever live by.

On a Medical note almost ever other day the Vets are Waxhaw Animal Hospital are checking his eyes since he is there almost every day with me. Even though his retnas are not attached I do believe he sees something. If its either shadows or outlines of things, I really do believe that things are not completely black in Nuggets eyes.

  • October 18 9:10pm


Every day is an Adventure!
Well its been just about 2 weeks since Nugget has come into the lives of all of us and nothing is stopping this boy! Every day is a new adventure that he greets with such happiness! He is realizing there is a world outside of his tote that he spent the first 10 days in. He walks everywhere and loves exploring. Potty training is going great! He has figured out where his crate is in the house and very regularly puts himself to bed and also knows where to find the water bowl and that was the best reward for him. We have started also manners trainging and some basic commans like sit and down. You can never be too young. He is doing everything a normal puppy does, plays with his toys loves following his foster sisters around and kissing his foster kitties. Medically we have put him on some antibiotics for the rash on his belly, it has gotten better with just normal bathing but still needs somthing more to help the last little bit. Every day I just take a moment and watch him and every day I am so amazed at him discovering new things or learning just as a normal puppy would.
  • October 10 7:04pm


Just over a week!

It has been just over a week since Nugget was found. There is no slowing this little guy down. HE IS WALKING!!!!!! He started going outside yesterday and is doing great with crate training! He is sleeping thew the night now also. He is getting better on following my voice to get around. Every day is a new adventure for this little guy but he is loving every min. of it! His tail ever stops wagging and his kisser is still on over drive. He has been spending more time with his foster sisters and loves them so much. He is a little eating machine, and loves his food. He is starting to do normal puppy things also and has started putting things in his mouth and chew on things, so a trip to get toys is in order!

  • October 6 7:55am


Nugget Update
Well its been almost a week since Nugget was brought to us. Still no seizures, he is sitting up, standing and has started to take his first steps. He is still a little wobbly but I am sure in no time he will be running around this place. We have been noticing that his eye sight was funny, so we did an eye exam today and the Vets have determined that Nugget is blind. Due to the head trauma and the blunt force he sustained his retinas have detached. And so the lights are off for Nugget. With this new development I am still amazed at his determination to walk, and his never ending kisses he give. He is just pure unconditional love! Everyone he meets has walked away with a face full of puppy kisses and a smile! There is nothing that is going to hold this little guy back!
  • October 3 8:09pm


Nugget Needs Our Help

Nugget the first night 🙁 Precious baby!I would like to introduce Mr. Gold Nugget!A lady found him in the road and thought he was dead. When she went to go move him out of the road she realized he was alive and he started whining. She rushed right in to Waxhaw Animal Hospital in Waxhaw North Carolina. He arrived showing neurological signs and having seizures. The Hospital staff & Dr. Hessey immediately began working on him. He has road rash on his chin, knees and elbows along with a skin infection on his belly. Most of Wed he stayed sedated on anti-seizure meds and pain meds. X rays were taken and believe it or not no broken bones were found. Ultra-sound also showed no internal injuries.

He is suffering from a severe head injury and swelling in his brain. The woman who found him could not take responsibility for him so she signed him over to the animal hospital. It is not the animal hospital’s policy to take in strays but since he was so critical and I was willing to do nursing care they allowed him to stay. He needs 24 hour care and so he has been coming home with me every night since. The first night was the worst with things being very touch and go, but this little man is a fighter! He has an amazing appetite and each day he keeps getting better and better. 48 hours later he is no longer having seizures and he is starting to wag his tail. He has full feeling of all his limbs but walking and balancing will take some time. I am willing to give him what ever time he needs as long as he keeps improving and has the will.

Donations can also be called into Waxhaw Animal Hospital 704-843-2269 under the hospital account for Nugget.

Nugget still hanging in there and eating well!

Isn’t he the cutest thing ever?!


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