Anusara: “To Follow Your Heart”—Lead Teachers Follow Theirs.

Via BJ Galvan
on Nov 2, 2011
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I was in Israel leading an Anusara teaching training when I got news that three of my friends and highly recognized Anusara teachers resigned their certification. My first thought was, “whoa, bummer, what’s up?” Ultimately, all three teachers have developed their own expression of the teachings and the way they transmit the yoga to their students.

One of the main teachings of Anusara is to ‘Follow Your Heart’—even the word Anusara means to ‘Follow your Heart.’ Two of the three teachers articulately and publicly claimed that in their heart they don’t align with Anusara’s philosophical vision (dharshan) anymore and want to offer their service in ways that are not fully aligned to the method’s philosophical view.

As the great Tantric philosopher Abhinavagupta said, “one’s svadharma (heart’s duty, life path) can never be abandoned.”

Just as our great teacher John Friend, came to the point in his studentship and teaching that his heart did not align to his teacher’s method, he had to resign from his yoga method to honor the inner voice of his heart. However painful and challenging it was, it was the right thing to do for everyone. In the same way, since in their heart they are not aligned to the method, the highest thing to do is to give thanks and love to their teacher and go on to shine their brightest, follow their heart.

John honors and appreciates that they are following their truth and has given them blessings of love on their new adventure. One of the tenets of relationship Anusara ascribes to is mudhita (feeling joy for someone else’s success) from the brahmaviharas (ways to be with God). Speaking for myself, and anyone else in the Anusara community who truly aligns with the teachings of Anusara, we all bless them with love and appreciation and truly wish them the highest and to see them be brilliantly successful as they courageously cross this threshold of their life journey.

After all, if you do what is right for your heart, it is right for everyone’s heart.


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Anusara: “Seguir tu corazón”- Los maestros líderes siguen el suyo

Estaba en Isarel liderando un entrenamiento de Anusara para profesores cuando recibí la noticia de que tres de mis amigos y altamente reconocidos profesores de Anusara, renunciaron a su certificación. Mi primer pensamiento fue “guau, qué está sucediendo?”. Con el tiempo, estos tres profesores han desarrollado su propia expresión de las enseñanzas y la forma en que transmiten el yoga a sus alumnos.

Una de las principales enseñanzas de Anusara es “Seguir Tu Corazón”-incluso la palabra Anusara significa “Seguir Tu Corazón”. Dos de los tres profesores sostuvieron públicamente que dentro de sus corazones ya no se alinean con la visión filosófica de Anusara (dharsham) y que quieren ofrecer su servicio en formas que no están completamente alineadas con la visión filosófica del método.

Como dijo el gran filósofo Tántrico Abhinavagupta, “el propio svadharma (responsabilidad del corazón, camino de vida) nunca puede ser abandonado”.

Tal como nuestro gran maestro John Friend que llegó a un punto como estudiante y maestro, en que su corazón no se alineaba con el método de su maestro y tuvo que renunciar a su método de yoga para honrar la voz interior de su corazón. Por más doloroso y desafiante que fuese, era lo correcto para todos. De la misma manera, como sus corazones no están alineados con el método, la acción más elevada es dar las gracias y amor a su maestro y continuar adelante haciendo brillar su más elevada expresión de luz, seguir su propio corazón.

John honra y aprecia que ellos sigan su verdad y los ha bendecido con amor en su nueva aventura. Uno de los principios referente a las relaciones al que Anusara se alinea es mudhita (sentir alegría por el éxito del otro) de los brahmaviharas (formas de estar con Dios). Hablando en mi nombre, y en el de cualquier otro ser de la comunidad verdaderamente alineado con las enseñanzas de Anusara, bendecimos a los tres con amor y aprecio y les deseamos lo más elevado, y verlos brillantemente exitosos al tiempo que cruzan con coraje este umbral en el viaje de sus vidas.

Después de todo, si haces lo que es correcto para tu corazón, lo será para el corazón de todos.


About BJ Galvan

BJ Galvan is a globe traveling, Certified Anusara® Yoga instructor with a heart-felt intention to serve Spirit in the highest. BJ shines the vision of Anusara Yoga from Israel to Australia, South Dakota to Argentina, lighting up hearts and communities around the world. Fully engaged in the currents of Grace as Life, BJ makes the high teachings accessible to people living everyday lives in embodiment, and has a great time doing it! A “professional mom” for 30+ years, with a background as a professional mainstream career woman, Hypnobirthing® practitioner, Reiki Master and more, BJ embodies the virtues of a householder yogini living in the world practicing Shiva-Shakti Tantra in the Anusara yoga tradition. Humbly filled with gratitude and love, she is honored for the privilege to share the wisdom teachings of Grace that her teachers John Friend, Douglas Brooks and all the others have so graciously and generously blessed her. Heart Core Yoga.


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  1. Jessiefrog says:

    Sending blessings of love and appreciation to you BJ! Thank you for the reminder that…'After all, if you do what is right for your heart, it is right for everyone’s heart.'

    Miss you!

  2. Arlyn says:

    so well said, BJ!

  3. […] I have always brushed my back teeth since that day). Or more meaningful examples like something a teacher once said or something that one of your parents said that you always think about, maybe even daily. […]

  4. Jasung says:

    It is kind of pretentious to think we need to hear about this. For me, as one who avoids these commercial traditions of yoga, it is like having some tele-mundo a soap opera presented as news. Waylon, please do not indulge this kind of article in the feed.

  5. archille says:

    Everyone has a right to speak their truth AND to be heard. Whether you agree or not, the offering is made. Take that which serves you and leave the rest. I am grateful for the many voices that pervade this site. SVAHA!

  6. elephantjournal says:

    Humph. I commented, but said comment seems to be lost. I'd basically say that we're trying to walk the Middle Path between drowning in unhealthy gossip and offering a learning forum for uplifted dialogue. ~ Waylon

  7. Ragaman Das says:

    Anu$ara: “To Follow Your Heart”—Lead Teacher$ Follow Their$
    The world of $ugar-coated bubble-gum-filled McYoga i$ $lowly being eroded from the in$ide out. Don't we all hate cavitie$?

    Gone are the day$ of innocence and $yconphantic adulation. My Friend$ have all jumped $hip, but according to marketing theory that i$ not nece$$arily a bad thing. No! Regardle$$ of where I $tand on thi$ debacle, I can make a few extra buck$ during thi$ po$t-Apocalyptic Anu$ara McYoga interlude by writing an article. Oh! And if I include a link to my web$ite, I might generate a few more lead$! Wow!

    The final $entence $ummarize$ expre$$e$ an intere$ting $entiment:
    "After all, if you do what i$ right for your heart, it i$ right for everyone’$ heart."
    What it i$ really trying to $ay i$:
    "After all i$ $aid and done, my a$$ociation with Anu$ara can be tran$mutated into a very green practice!"

    Ca$e in point. Thank you for thi$ article.

  8. You actually make it seem really easy together with your presentation but I in finding this matter to be actually something that I believe I’d by no means understand. It kind of feels too complex and extremely vast for me. I am having a look forward for your subsequent post, I will try to get the grasp of it!