Are You Turned On?

Via Kate Bartolotta
on Nov 11, 2011
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“I am very concerned with the fact that so many people turn off because it is easier;

that they don’t stay fully aware during the course of their lives, in all the choices they make:

social, economic, political, aesthetic. They turn off because it is easier.

But I find that anything less than

absolutely full, dangerous participation

is an absolute waste of some rather valuable time.”

~ Edward Albee


Are you turned on? Are you awake to the possibilities that this second holds for you?

Or have you shut down for the night?

For the week? For good?

Don’t wait until everything is perfect.

Don’t wait until you are sure of your next move.

Wake up!

It’s time for “absolutely full, dangerous participation” in your life.

The only time you have is right now.

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About Kate Bartolotta

Kate Bartolotta is a wellness cheerleader, yogini storyteller, and self-care maven. She also writes for Huffington Post, Yoga International, Mantra Yoga+ Health, a beauty full mind, The Good Men Project, The Green Divas, The Body Project, Project Eve, Thought Catalog and Soulseeds. Kate's books are now available on and Barnes & She is passionate about helping people fall in love with their lives. You can connect with Kate on Facebook and Instagram.


4 Responses to “Are You Turned On?”

  1. Andréa Balt says:

    Up, coffee in hand, absolutely full, dangerous participation switched on, eyes like headlights. Thanks for rocking my morning/noon after a long night's work.

  2. You're welcome! Found this random old paper from college in a book yesterday with several Edward Albee quotes. This was my favorite of the bunch. Just had to share it!

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