November 12, 2011

Eyes, right! (Thank you, Veterans, from today’s youth)

“Little Belgian boy saluting Canadian Troops.”

Reddit: “Eyes Right” – A lone Belgian boy waits to salute Canadian troops passing by who had been attending a memorial service. What happens is pretty classy. The “eyes right” command is the biggest compliment troops on parade can pay and is usually reserved for dignitaries.

Respect given. Respect returned. A salute is like a bow, a signal that we’re awake and aware and we respect whomever and whatever we’re saluting. Context below.


So cute: we can remember being a little child and getting so excited by something, as this boy does here, that we nearly jump up and out of our boots.

Youtube comment:

I’ve now watched this about 15 times. Each time, I’m fine until he comes to attention for the last time and salutes. Then it really hits me hard and wells me up. This boy deserves recognition for showing that there is some humanity left in the world. Also the Canadians, what a response, and what a compliment to pay to the boy.

There is some good left in the world, this proves it.

More relephant comments, via Reddit:

Why is a Belgian boy wearing a kilt and tam?

Canadian Highlander uniform. it’s the regiment who saved/liberated his village apparently.

He is wearing a tiny WWII era Canadian army highland regiment dress uniform. Belgium was liberated (in part) by the 2nd Canadian Corp which included highland regiments like the Calgary Highlanders, Cameron Highlander of Canada, Black Watch of Canada, and Essex Scots. The 10th Infantry Brigade was there as well and included the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada.

And why isn’t the soldier in the front turning his head? Kasung will know this, but:

You have the person leading the formation, followed by pipers that are not part of the main formation, then the tall guy who is the “right marker” who on the command “Eyes left/right” will keep looking forward to help keep the formation going straight.


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