For Today: 29 Flowing Objects… Who Are You? This is my Internet Art. Do You Like It?…(Princessland, music at the bottom).

Via Joana Smith
on Nov 17, 2011
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10 Responses to “For Today: 29 Flowing Objects… Who Are You? This is my Internet Art. Do You Like It?…(Princessland, music at the bottom).”

  1. Justin says:

    Less words – silence, like Harpocrates, the Greek god of silence [the word of the day is "Shhhh"], who is the re-formation of the Egyptian god Horus – representing the newly risen sun [either at the start of each day, or the dawn after the winter solstice, which is getting nearer].

    The only way for me to answer such a question as,

    “Who are You?”

    without relaying some fiction – without telling some story I’ve formulated – without transmitting some more ideas of Me with language – would have to be to show.

    Who we are is "a storytale" that has to be shared – otherwise we get stories about who we are – but never arrive at the actual answer.

    I may be able to break a dance apart into its rhythm, steps, movements across the floor, and interactions with dancing-partners – I may be able to describe a song in terms of its meter, key, rhythm, tempo, notes, scale, and harmony – but I’m just putting a grid onto something wiggly so I can perceive it and describe it.

    The only way to really have someone know the dance [or song] – is to dance it [or sing it]. Then they’ll know.

  2. r perez says:

    looks great! matter of fact, whenever I die, I would Love for you to do one for me. it can even be ahead of time too so I can enjoy it! keep up the great work! and your LIVE performances were AMAZING!!

  3. JoanaSmith says:

    Hey guys~ Thanks for commenting………

    ruben – thnx, for the girl images. It's amazing how much those two shoeboxes you dropped by my house have changed the world for me……I'm going to keep putting in more boobies for the time being (no vag's tho) …I like that cartoon you drew when you were at our house of a little boy nursing at his mommy's big breast, and the mommy's saying, "You're not a Christian!".

    People say shocking things to me like, "Why did you feel the need to flash your breasts in front of the world?" No it wasn't about that. It was about that it's not bad. Anyway, now I won't use me, because people had a problem with it, so I can use these women from the 70's. And they are all Grandmas now anyway… We will definitely try to get out together this weekend for ArtCrawl.

    Justin — exactly…… If I tell you my story, it might as well have been something I made up, out of my imagination, to entertain you. Or you might think it's the silliest thing in the world…. so. I will just live out this purpose in front of you,

    Like a flower.

    ..loved this:

    "Who we are is "a storytale" that has to be shared – otherwise we get stories about who we are – but never arrive at the actual answer. "

    Yes, "an actual answer" as if who we are was a list or a grouping of facts. I mean, we can make up a list, resume, or say what we have done in our lives. I love old men who sit around on porches in their rocking chairs and lazy southern drawl and spin a yarn, It's so fun to listen, but that's completely different from DOING. And our God is the ultimate DOING, not TELLING.

    I think tomorrow I'm going to break from "Shhhhh" because Abilene brought home a talking-stick from school today…It's covered with colorful ribbons, beads and feathers… There was a lovely story about a girl who forgot how to talk and a wise Chief wondered what was wrong, so he took her into the forest where she could be filled with more beauty than she had ever experienced, and then she started talking…. There might have also been something in there about her waving the stick over her head whenever she had something important to say:::: I'll have to get Abba to tell me again.

    Thinking more about my family, too, ….we have so much. We are very BLESSED. And we've been a little more successful at practicing more nudity in our own home. It's your body, be ok with it.

    I know it must be scary for some people in my family for me to be talking Revolution again–I had put it on the down-low for so long– but it's not going to be like before. It's just living…. That's what I've realized. And anyone can say anything they want to me. Just because we have differing views doesn't mean that we can't still be as close as ever. Just don't be insulting (please). I love you. This is my talking stick.

  4. I am a huge fan of combining words and images. I used to do a lot of assemblage art. The last few years have been word focused. Your posts reminded me that once upon a time I did both–together. And it worked well. Thank you for your unique voice.

  5. JoanaSmith says:

    "And we've been a little more successful at practicing more nudity in our own home." ….I think I meant "Nudism." But you got what I meant, I think.

    My 4-year old and toddler would rather go around without clothes than with them. And I must admit, I have had relatives act outwardly embarrassed around them, as if they are trying to teach them something for me. Though I'm not sure what. I think that person wants to make it clear that you're not supposed to be naked around other people, or maybe if you are that you should feel embarrassed. Again. I'm not sure. I try not to hold it against my relative, I think it's generational. But maybe it would be wise to revisit why we would want our children to feel that way. What would be useful about it as they grow and mature into adults? Because I think there are multiple layers to it. It also has something to do with a rigid following of rules without questioning why they are there and if they are working– but taking the breast back from the sex industry for women is a good cause, too. We need to reshape that taboo out of everyone's minds, because it's just breeding hypocrites.

    You said something once, Justin, and I really appreciated it, about how a girl in the church is taught to be chaste and "tune out"/be shy about her sexuality (I was looking for the exact quote….) before marriage and then once she gets married she's suddenly supposed to be ok with it. And then also about how the prudish nature of the church has led to a deeper problem. When people repress themselves sexually it doesn't just go away, it turns into deeper problems, like secrets and depression.

    I don't want to get too hung up on the boobies/sexuality angle of the Mommie Revolution and alienate the why–I think ultimately it goes all the way down to how we think about our Planet Earth.

    Also, I think that the prudish problem with the breasts and the church has something to do with this idea of work vs. play as well. As though, if something feels good then it can't be morally right. And then we get this divide that church is something you're obligated to do, but not something you would necessarily like to do, or choose to do for fun. No smile.

    Taking care of our planet, same way.

  6. trapsas1 says:

    Thanks Joana for your always interesting and cool visual posts, I think they're really unique and bring a fresh new perspective to the blog format. ~Tom Rapsas

  7. JoanaSmith says:

    Tom. I was meaning to reply to you last time, but I don't know why I never got to it. Thanks for your input!!

    Creating a new sort of blog format is what I was wanting. It's taken me about three years of grinding images, and it's been a learning process –about how bright to make the exposure and how to imagine it in my head in order to get it to flow. It takes awhile, but I love it.

  8. JoanaSmith says:

    Actually, I think I meant NUDIST. we are practicing being nudists in our own home…..NUDISM, NUDITY, whatever, etc…

    You know what we need in here, Justin? Some dissenters. One of the things I love about your blog is all the angry people and then you answer them really calmly….. or maybe when they're really snipey, you guys get a little snarly, but it's in a kind of a cute way.

    I just keep talking to you this way, and we're kind of 'the choir," … I don't want to get an attitude like we're talking-up issues that we've already discussed before just for the benefit of others. If we're the only ones talking here, then I want to just be talking TO YOU. I mean, does anybody ever read the COMMENTS? All that itty-bitty writing. I doubt it. I think if it's just going to be us talking in here then we should try and go someplace new. It would be more fun for us then rehashing, or preachy, I think.

    I keep thinking back to what you said about a person's story being something that cannot be told, but must be lived, must be danced. It makes me want to go change my words in the first post of this series from "Tell your story" to "Live your story," because it really is true. The whole words of that in the first comment really are great. I want to read it again, you should blog that one up. 🙂

  9. Justin says:

    you should blog that one up.

    Good idea — I have no ideas for a next one, so I'll take that e-mail and see what I can do with it.

    Also — I did write up that one up that I said I was going to leave as a comment, but it got too long.

    This and That are Contrary One to the Other

    You know what we need in here, Justin? Some dissenters.

    Is it because everyone here is Buddhist? Are they too peaceful and accepting of differing opinions?

    There's nothing that gets people more angrier or snipey than having different opinions on Christianity [or different opinions on a single branch within Christianity]. And then you throw anarchy into the mix — and we attract all kinds.