“Goldman Sachs… CitiBank… BP Organized [Occupy Wall St]”.

Via David McConaghay
on Nov 27, 2011
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First, the most eloquent summation I’ve yet heard that points directly to the very heart of the Occupy movement:

What we want to create is the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible; a sacred world. A world that works for everybody; a world that is healing; a world of peace.

Then, an “Occupy Everywhere” Panel Discussion via DemocracyNow! & The Nation, featuring Michael Moore, Naomi Klein and a complete slew of original Occupiers.

Michael Moore

Setting overly-simplistic dualistic left-right political complaints aside, Moore and Klein are two of the most influential anti-corporate, anti-corruption, alarm-sounding socio-political critics in modern history. Moore’s films explore and expose a range of issues from culturally-entrained violence to the corrupt techno/plutocracy that masquerades as a free market democracy in the United States.

Klein’s continuing research provides valuable context in which seemingly small-scale shifts in effective policy veil the large-scale process of closing down an open society. Indeed, it is historical fact that the model has been tried and honed to an ever more subtle perfection over time, and there can be little doubt these days as to, for example, the nefarious irrelevancy of Congressional activity towards solving any truly actual factual real-life problems for the people they have been “elected” to “serve.” (You may also enjoy her TedTalk; or her appearance on The Colbert Report)

Food for thought, if nothing else.


Thank God for all the young people who are willing to not take it anymore.


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