Stupid People: Gotta Love Em!

Via David Romanelli
on Nov 2, 2011
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This was seen in Richmond, Virginia. Not to say there’s anything wrong with Richmond, Virginia. Sometimes, people might not be “with it” in certain ways yet are totally “with it” in others.
Just think of the big heart in the stupid person who dared to catch the vicious dog in the above poster, mistook it for a cat, and tried to find its owners.
Love (and stupidity) come in many forms.

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David Romanelli 


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  2. melissa says:

    ok Dave, you know that's not a dog, right? 🙂 what do your dogs in NYC look like? i'm just sayin… xx : )

  3. Whatdo Iknow says:

    That definitely looks like a possum. So that makes two stupid people. I could be one of them.